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Do hope everyone has had a really good weekend. Mine was fantastic as I got to be in the Lord’s house to worship him. Looking forward to the week before me. Would love to get some more cleaning done on our yard but the weather is just going to be too cold.

Was thinking of Cracker Barrel (my favorite place to eat). First time in a while I was able to sit down and really enjoy being there. Such a relaxing time had for everyone there for sure. Others that came in the store were Burley Ferrell, Ronald Lawson, Jerry Wayne Parsley, and Bernie Braswell who showed up after I had been there for a spell. Russell Taylor visiting for a little bit, also.

I hadn’t really thought about it but sister Fay reminded me a day or so ago next month on March 20th will be the first day of spring and I could start to wear my hats for spring and summer again. So not have to be told twice as I do so look forward to wearing those hats as I have told you. I love the Victorian era with those long exquisite and beautiful gowns and those oh so lavish and stylish hats the ladies wore back then. So much sophistication going on to marvel at and adore for this little country girl.

Chloe Evelyn Bogle is at NHC in McMinnville. Please keep her in prayer. Others that need our prayers are Diane Evans, Edith Miller, Jeff Brown, and Carlon and Mai Nell Melton.

Left out a dear friend’s birthday last week. Betty Barnes had a birthday on February 22nd. A happy belated birthday to you, Betty. Love you.

A funny episode several years back came to my mind about Aubrey and me one night. We were in the habit of going out to Aubrey’s sister, Glenda’s, store (Dekalb Market), after we had eaten supper. Sometimes he might need to get some diesel there for the next day’s work or just to spend time with Glenda. Looking back, so glad of the times they got to be together at her store. Aubrey and I were out in the front driveway going to get in his pickup and for some reason as couples will do we were saying things back and forth to each other not fussing but sort of cutting up about something that we had been discussing in the house. Aubrey was getting in the truck and I had my door opened. I am a petite person so I have to sort of jump to get into the seat as it was a 4-wheel drive (it was not my monster truck) but Aubrey’s truck.

Well I really wasn’t paying attention to the distance between me and the truck seat because as I started to jump into that seat, of course, you guessed it, down I went on the pavement as Aubrey was shutting the door on his side of the truck. I hollered for him to come help me and he asked where was I? I said I have missed the seat and I am down on the ground. Of course, he comes to my rescue to help me as I am trying somewhat to help myself get up. He is not laughing, thank goodness, just wanted to know, if I was hurt. I said no I don’t think so just my pride. On the way out to Glenda’s I am thinking hopefully what has happened in our driveway will stay in our driveway and only be known by God, Aubrey, and me and no one else. I was just too naive and should have known better than to be thinking that. After we got in Glenda’s store and were about to sit down at the small table that we always sat at, Aubrey looked at Glenda and said Carol fell out of the truck as we were leaving the house and did he ever burst out laughing and Glenda lost it, too, and I sat there with an embarrassed grin and explaining myself. Sure glad it was only Glenda listening and not any of the regular ones that were usually there. It was bad enough for Glenda to have been given the lowdown on what had happened in our driveway.

So many times when we would be getting ready to leave Glenda’s store, Aubrey would look at Glenda and tell her he had to get me back to the mountain as “I had been out of my cage too long.”

Speaking of Glenda, Aubrey called her “Broom Hilda” after the comic strip and he was forever wanting to know how many times she had crashed her broom coming in for a landing behind her store where the semis with their trailers were parked? She just went along with his funny antics as she loved them, too. What a guy! Could never be another man like “Big John”. Some birthdays for the month of March: Ruth Brown, March 4th, Crystal Gannon, March 4th, Rex Pedigo, March 10th, Heather Underwood, March 14th, Sepal Pedigo, March 20th, and Bryan Pitts, March 21st.

If you have any news for the column, just give me a call at (615) 563-4429. Hope you have a great day.
God is against the proud, but he gives grace to the humble.
James 4:6

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