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Today, Thursday, February 13th, my oldest sister, Lucille Stanley, age 70, passed away at a Nashville hospital. Sad day indeed for our family. Her prognosis for survival simply wasn't very good. The doctors told us how bad it would be for her, if she did come through this ordeal. I just know that God knew what was best for her. I am so glad that she was with us for so many years. We will always have a lot of wonderful memories of our sister, Lucy, as we lovingly called her.

Visitation was on Saturday, February 15th, from 9:00 A.M. to 2:30 P.M. at High Funeral Home, and graveside service at 3:00 P.M. followed at Oak Grove Cemetery. She was laid to rest by her son, Stevie, that she so dearly loved. I’ll be missing you now, Lucy – but I’ll see you later.

Aubrey was the best at telling stories and I have been trying to remember the one about the rattlesnake. I am just going to adlib some of the story. It seems that he was working on a job with his D-4 dozer and managed to put the dozer blade down on this rattlesnake that he was trying to kill. He had to go and get some diesel or maybe get some lunch and when he came back there was a 2X4 under the blade and the rattlesnake was gone. He always told me snakes have a mate and he guessed the mate came back to get the other one but he never questioned the blade being up off the ground – he was only wondering where did that mate get the 2X4? Of course, this story was told a whole lot better by Aubrey because he was the best at telling it.

Talked with my very good friend, Diane Evans, this week and she is still doing pretty good. Chloe Evelyn Bogle needs to be uplifted in prayer. Also, Carlon and Mai Nell Melton need your prayers.

I am sitting at my desk and trying to collect my thoughts as I start writing the column. It is raining tonight and the rain is sometimes hitting against the window pane. This sounds so heavenly to me as I love it when the rain is coming down on our tin roof. It makes me think when I was younger of my home place just down the road and how I welcomed the steady raindrops and sometimes the heavy downpours of rain that made me sleep like a baby under that tin roof.

At home, it was so different back then as no doors were locked, the tattered and torn screen door where so many of us were going in and out of with the latch that never had to be latched because we had no worry of any intruders breaking in on us. The windows were up so the cool night air could pass through and you could hear so many sounds outside by all the critters of the night. Could sleep on the porch maybe on a mattress or quilt. Crime wasn't out of control back then as it is now. In the fall of the year, I can remember us piling those leaves that had fallen from the large oak trees in a very large pile and jumping off the high front porch into them. I’m sure a lot of you did the very same thing. So much fun as we had so much boundless energy back then! Even the cats and the dog loved to play in those pile of leaves thinking they were hidden so securely out of sight. What a beautiful time of enjoyment for all of us as we were so young and so innocent while growing up at home. Loved those days and the precious memories I have of them with all my brothers and sisters. I sure can’t put a price on that kind of happiness – I can only thank the Lord for it.

I am needing the person that called me about the baptism to call me back as I did not get a telephone number. Have got a few questions to ask.

It is not over yet about the little green people supposedly being here years ago. Now to my disbelief, new revelations about really what was left behind in the person’s yard that spotted the two little green men outside his window. I have been told of an extremely large circle and the grass in it being burned as if a spaceship had been there possibly bringing the little green fellas here or leaving with them in tow. Back then people didn’t come forward I’m sure because they were so afraid of being exterminated by these aliens. I can understand their fear as you know we all want to live as long as we can (in the best of times). We know we can’t live here forever but we sure don’t want to do anything to rush our departure from here prematurely, if we can avoid it. Someone has told me and I can’t reveal the name there were two little green men not I that went into that tobacco patch and they were both bald-headed. Please, I think I need a break from all this for a few minutes to get my composure back! Now I’m scratching my head and wondering just how many of those little aliens were really here?

Tracy Neal gave me a call on Monday. She is a delight and I love her so very much and Tony too.
If you have any news for the column, just give me a call at (615) 563-4429. Hope you have a great day.

 Those who are sad now are happy, because God will comfort them. Those who want to do right more than anything else are happy, because God will fully satisfy them.

Matthew 5: 4,6

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