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I certainly hope we do not have any more arctic blasts from Mother Nature like we had the first of last week. It was just about unbearable for me. That is just the very reason why I love the summertime with all its warmth and sunshine. Can always get on our patio or "Aubrey's" mom and dad's porch for shade, if needed. I cannot get under trees in our yard as Aubrey had them cut down a few years ago.

They were maple trees that had been here for over thirty years diseased with those roots going everywhere they shouldn't be going and always a lot of limbs that would fall from them in a storm. Kept me busy picking up all these limbs so I really do not miss those trees. In fact I have got used to them being gone and that means less work for me.

Clyde is really in go-go gear putting together what he says is quite a business bonanza for him and me in the not so distant future. I do not know where he is going with all of this and I personally don't think he really knows either. We have talked about Colonel Sanders of Kentucky Fried Chicken fame, and the fact that he was in his seventies before he went to super stardom and wealth so maybe we just might hit the big time after all or fall flat on our faces.

Nothing ventured- nothing gained is my motto for trying out new ideas in life.

For the record, Clyde has told me whatever I say about him "as long as its not the truth," it is okay to put in the column. He has left the door wide open for me to as you can readily imagine to either build him up to great heights or to not brag on him at all about all his great talents as a "legendary performer" (I told you he is now "85" so he certainly rates in that category) of course not I, as I am as my sweet little Mama would say a young whipper-snapper. You can tell from that statement how I was loved by my mom. Sort of wondering if Clyde might not be using some psychology on me to cast him in a much bigger light than me so he would get top-billing over me in money deals possibly coming our way. I cannot be thinking that way about Clyde as only kids bicker about unimportant matters.

I will not let this feeling get a toe - hold on me. You know Clyde has been exceptionally good to this girl as I have a new batch of the sorghum molasses and butter and get this, even banana moon pies this new year. He is really a good guy as everyone will agree and that is the one truth for sure about our "Clyde."

Hey, I'm on a roll with all of this, and I'm smart enough to know not to throw a wrench in all the good things being delivered my way! More to write on Clyde in next column.

Bobby Taylor, hope you are reading this and do realize that box of crackers dwindled away quite a spell ago. Debby, of course, reads the column so she knows tuna doesn't last forever either! Love you guys so very, very much. Know how to work this don't I?

Years ago Aubrey, Med, Jo, Fay, Glenda and I decided to go on this trip to the Cumberland County Playhouse for the play, "Smoke on the Mountain." Aubrey and Med went ahead of us in one vehicle and we were to follow them in Jo's car with Jo doing the driving (the first and last mistake we made that day). Glenda wanted me up front with Jo and her and Fay in the back.

Glenda said I would know in a short while why I was put in the front seat. Didn't take long indeed as Jo survived or something and so much of her cosmetics and etc. came over on my side of the car in the floor board. I think her coffee got spilled, too. Finally got things back in order as Jo just kept on talking as if nothing had happened. Glad I was buckled in as the ride got bumpier.

She was really staying too close to the vehicle in front of us and I kept thinking she would back off but no she was still talking and we saw the turn off and knew we were going to miss it but Jo turned anyways and I thought I had met my waterloo and we were all going to be D.O.A. All I could see was us missing the pavement and going down the embankment. How she got in there and came to a screeching halt, only God knows.

Aubrey and Med were about bent over double laughing as they saw all this as it played out. Aubrey said he was sure one in the car was praying, one was cussing, and Fay told me she was the one in the floor board. Jo, it seemed wasn't phased at all and was fussing about the traffic I think. Glenda got out of the car not able to speak - her face beet red - and she was holding her sides as they were hurting so bad. Fay and I just glad to be alive and came to realize the "power of prayer" in a truly desperate situation.

People that we need to keep in prayer are Chloe Evelyn Bogle, Edith Miller, Diane Evans, Jeff Brown, Greg Motley, Carlon and Mai Nell Melton, and Comer Bratcher.

Had a delightful conversation with my sister-in-law Ann Warren this morning. She is a great joy in my life. Love you, Ann. Found out that Ann's three sisters "Nancy" in Arkansas, "Agnes" in Alabama, and "Helen" in Florida, get the Cannon Courier and like the column. Carol says "Hi" and I love you guys, too!
If you have any news for the column, just give me a call at (615) 563-4429.

If you use your mouth to say "Jesus is Lord", and if you believe in your heart that God raised Jesus from the dead, you will be saved.
Romans 10:9

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