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Today is Christmas Eve and Christ's birthday is tomorrow. Look forward to honoring HIM in everything I say and do - not just tomorrow but every day. He is our Lord and Savior and soon coming King.

Ralph and Debby showing their appreciation once again preparing a meal "fit for a king" for their customers and friends at their store this Christmas season and also as they did on Thanksgiving. Several large baskets of food for some needy families distributed also on this Christmas Eve as Ralph and Debby have such big hearts. My hat is off to you guys. While at their store, I got a take-out container of food and now am rubbing my belly because it is quite full and content. There is enough food left for tomorrow's lunch.

I do hope everyone's Christmas was delightful and, of course, I hope you got what you had asked Santa for. May the New Year be a good one for all of you. Maybe I will do better at keeping my New Year's resolutions than I have in the past.

Since Clyde and my birthday bash was such a success, Clyde is anticipating stardom for both of us. Probably be chauffeured limousines and some celebrities of note would want to be included in our company. He said this could go viral and I said you mean like a virus and people getting sick. I told him I wanted no part in hurting people. The social media was he then told me he was talking about and I said I could be a pretty sociable person (though at times I am some what a redneck) out among people here and there I came upon while running errands as my mom brought me up very respectably with manners and respect for everyone and I try to reflect my really good upbringing on most days especially before Christmas. Don't want Santa to forget this little country girl. Clyde saw he was fighting a losing battle with me in trying to enlighten me in my little part of the world where God is and will always be my center of attention. Do not want to deflate his balloon on this matter but the phone is not ringing off the hook with any bookings for the time being, but Clyde seems to think that we are too good at entertaining an audience (can you believe him? only in his dreams.) not to be noticed by the big-whigs that are in control of our true destiny. Also, Clyde is thinking we will be going to our destinations by plane or by boat. I told him, whoa, I do not fly nor do I go by way of boat. I once, and only once, got in a pontoon boat against my best instincts an was told by "Aubrey" there was not a safer boat to be in.

I told him I recalled that was exactly what they said about the Titanic and you know what happened to it. We all had life jackets on and most important of all I was really prayed up for the occasion.

Got to have a good conversation with my cousin, Lou Davis Higgins, on Tuesday night. She is such a beautiful blessing in my life. Also, my dear friend Edith Miller doing pretty good. Betty Gunter and her two little critters (cats) Miss Kitty and Misty are doing very well. Speaking of Betty's cats, several years ago I had this mostly black cat with some white on it. Her name was Sassy, and of course, I had her spoiled. Up here on the mountain we have these what I call varmints as in coyotes. On our patio, I had this pet carrier or dog cage that I would put Sassy in at night to protect her from the coyotes or her getting out on the road and getting run over. We all know that cats have a tendency to roam. She usually would come to me about dark when I called her.

This one night though, I called her and called her but there was no sign of her. I went out maybe a third time I'm guessing and I saw her following a skunk through our yard going toward the ditch line. Naturally, I wasn't going to bother her as she most likely thought that skunk was a cat like her. Next morning there was Sassy at our patio door. Almost afraid to open the door because I thought she probably had been sprayed by that skunk but she was fine. The skunk evidently thought Sassy was a skunk too. This could have been quite a smelly mishap on my part if Sassy and the skunk I had walked upon in the darkness and that is why I was so grateful for our security light that was shining so brightly that night.

Talked with Ruth, "The Boss", a few days ago. She is doing good and looking forward to Christmas. Shirley, "The Trooper", and Peggy, "The Diva", also doing well and in the Christmas spirit.

Have you got your hog's jowl and black eyed peas yet to start off the New Year? A tradition that a lot of us enjoy very much. Aubrey's mom, Mildred, my second mom, always made sure we ate them. She would tell me not to do any housework on New Year's day either and I would have to laugh and tell her that would not be a problem for me. I have already told you about my house cleaning habits in an earlier column so you can see even now after all these years, some things never change.

If you have any news for the column, just give me a call at (615) 563-4429.
I love the Lord, because he listens to my prayers for help, He paid attention to me, so I will call to him for help as long as I live.
Psalm 116:1-2

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