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I hope everyone had a splendid weekend and ready for the week ahead.

Please keep in prayer these fine folks: Greg Motley, "Aubrey's" nephew who had a heart attack last week, Mai Nell Melton and Carlon, her husband, Chloe Evelyn Bogle, Diane Evans, she is doing some better, and Edith Miller.
Christmas lights and décor always, but always, so beautiful and inviting at A.J. and Brenda Neal's home for the Christmas season. Great job!

This is such a wonderful time of year as we are honored to celebrate our Savior's birth. Without Jesus in my life, I do not know what I would do. Do remember when you have your family and friends around you for Christmas give praise and worship to the Lord for the gift of eternal life he has given you, when you accepted him as your personal Savior. Also, let each loved one know how special they are to you and how much you love them for being in your life.
Some of the "very elite" on the mountain were in attendance at "Clyde and my birthday celebration" on Friday, December 13th, at Short Mountain Market. Cannot start listing names of all those that were there as I know I would probably leave someone out.

Cheers of jubilation rang out when Clyde and I able to blow out the candles on the beautifully decorated cake for us. There were only six candles on it - three for Clyde and three for me to blow out. We were surrounded by others to help us out if needed in doing this. Do not know why the six candles - and even stranger than that why Debby got "dinosaur candles"! What in the world was she thinking of? Clyde being 20 years older than me probably did have a pet dinosaur when he was growing up, but absolutely not me. I only had this little black dog named "Tippy" that I thought the world of. She never gave me a good explanation as to why she did this. Clyde having a lot of fun and was in rare form doing a jig or two or maybe a shuffle while singing and playing with his band. We all sure enjoyed that. Fay Pitts, my sister/sister-in-law, even sand a gospel song and Van Nichols who is also very talented like Fay got to sing with the band too. Certainly a fabulous time had by all.

Sure thought I was going to report "Bobby Taylor" as "missing in action" on our big night but "low and behold" he showed up late in the evening. So glad he made it as everyone else was. The time for our party was moved from 12:00 noon to 4:00 p.m. in the evening to accommodate Bobby so he could be there and not miss out on all our fun and goings on. Two "now shows" were Ronald Lawson and Ralph Gunter, Aubrey's cousin - everybody's cousin as Debby has told me. This means Clyde and I have a bone to pick with them. If Clyde and I (as talks behind the scene are going on right now) should decide this birthday thing should be an annual event like the "Gunter Reunion" at "Aubrey's" shop, this would most likely just get even bigger and would become a "red carpet affair" for sure. I can almost see the sky being illuminated with all the lights and people viewing all this splendor that is coming from the mountain and, if they can, they will come. Sometimes I have a wild imagination but it is okay to dream big. Forgot to tell you about Fay and the "black poinsettias" and the "black cake" she brought me. The poinsettias were naturally red to begin with but with Fay and John Michael Pitts, her son, both using the black spray paint on them they were black in no time. when she gave them to me as she entered the store, all I could think was they are black and this is my birthday, but I am not in mourning. Never been given black flowers before so this was somewhat of a shock. She knows I love black so this does sit very well with me. The very black "monster truck" parked outside that "Aubrey" got for me a few years back for my birthday and Christmas makes this day even more special indeed for me. I have to thank Clyde especially, as he wanted me to have the best birthday I've ever had. Also, Ralph and Debby and Krystal who went all out to make sure Clyde and I had a birthday party to remember. You succeeded!

Talked with my cousin, Lou Davis Higgins, on Saturday. She is doing good. She had called in my birthday on WBRY Radio Station on Friday morning. Edith Miller and Billie Asbury also called in my birthday. Thank you.

I remember one Christmas when I went with dad to Mrs. Lola Henegar's little county store. This lady I really always admired because you knew where she stood on anything that happened. My mom and her were forever giving each other flowers or flower cuttings in the summertime. She was a school teacher and a good one. Well, while in Mrs. Lola's store, I spotted this beautiful doll with blond hair in so many curls and enchanting blue eyes. I had never seen a more beautiful doll. Her blouse so lacey and white and the skirt was I think navy blue. Black patton shoes and more lace on the white socks. Do not remember the price on the doll but oh how I wanted to have it. Told mom about it but we were poor and she told me it was just too high a price on it. When you are little a lot of things you don't understand and the hurt from hearing mom's words, even though she was so sweet in trying to explain why they couldn't get the doll for me, just about crushed me and, of course, I cried. I tried to not think about that doll, but you know I did. Finally accepted getting the doll wasn't going to happen as one day in Mrs. Lola's store I did not see the doll where it had been and I knew someone that could afford it had bought it. Later on, as Christmas morning arrived there under our live tree that daddy had cut down as he always did was a package that had my name on it. Inside was that beautiful doll from Mrs. Lola's store. You talk about me being happy only begins to express the excitement built up inside of me. Tried to find out how they got this doll for me. Mom, I am pretty sure, and Mrs. Lola traded out on eggs so I could have my best Christmas ever! Of course, I couldn't get to the bottom of this, but you know what, that was okay.

If you have any news for the column, just give me a call at (615) 563-4429.
Be kind and loving to each other, and forgive each other just as God forgave you in Christ.
Ephesians 4:32

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