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This year has been a bleak year with more business closing in Woodbury. Our second food retailer has closed because of lack local support. We should encourage our people to support small business not only the big franchises. It is a sad moment when hard working families lose their business because of no local support. Please support our local folks they need our help.
Member Opinions:
By: juanita on 10/4/12
Well where do we shop you can't buy a dress or a pair of shoes.So what stores are you talking about.

By: DebbieJen on 10/4/12
in these times people will shop where prices are competitve. It is known far and wide that some stores in Woodbury are higher priced then elsewhere. I personally have seen items for 4 dollars in mufreesboro sell for 8 dollars here..which would you choose in stretching the dollar?

By: juanita on 10/5/12
what stores are you talking about.I did not know we had that many to start with.

By: DebbieJen on 10/5/12
they don't seem to have ana answer, do they?

By: ftenpenny on 10/5/12
3Js bbq is one.

By: DebbieJen on 10/7/12
that is a restaurant, not a store and I have eaten there and fully understand why it closed.

By: hoghito on 10/8/12
The Steaming Cup and now 3J's BBQ both good restaurant run by good people. I you read my little editorial I mentioned it was a Food Retailer.

By: tngram on 10/9/12
I'm all for supporting local business's. But I'm sorry the bbq place was way overpriced for what they offered. I can go to Prater's bbq in Morrison and pay less and more food.

By: redbird on 10/10/12
When you are on a fixed income or anyone else for that matter, people have to go where they can get more for their money. There is no place in woodbury that have reasonable prices, i have tried.

By: juanita on 10/10/12
They went out of business because Woodbury has nothing but food places.

By: Bonnie on 10/14/12
Wait until the new by-pass passes Woodbury by! Most likely you will see half the existing food places close as well as other businesses on mainstreet and the public square. Sorry to see this happen but citizens were given many chances to voice their opinions. The time to act was long ago. Now is simply the time to brace for what is to come. The economy has also turned against small businesses as well as the private citizen. It's time we consider where we want more of the same or to try a different path. Your decision.

By: hoghito on 10/15/12
I agree with you, not familiar with the bypass i am new to Woodbury only been here 4 years.

By: juanita on 10/18/12
Where is the road going through Woodbury. What is it taking out.

By: MissMary on 10/18/12
Where does the road go after going behind Elkins Church of Christ? We live out in that area and have not been able to figure out the route.

By: hoghito on 10/20/12
I just saw the road today right now it's paved all the way to Centertown still can't figure out how it affects Woodbury...

By: ftenpenny on 10/21/12
Will come in South of town,by Cannon Market bypassing Woodbury totally.

By: hoghito on 10/22/12
That is awful!!

By: tlumber on 10/26/12
This is another example of so called "Progress". I hate to see it come, because it will definitely have an adverse effect on most bisinesses in town. This is exactly what happened to us a few years ago when the 4-lane was built to M'boro. Out of sight, out of mind.

By: Bonnie on 10/28/12
Tlumber speaks from experience. Woodbury will sonn be out of sight and out of mind of the thousands who have traditionally traveled through the town each day. These travelers stop and purchase food, gas, and other services. The State has a plan and far too much has been done in creating this plan to stop it now. Right of ways have been purchased and nothing is left but for the plan to go into action whenever the State obtains sufficient monies to finance other parts of this by-pass. Brace yourselves for the future. It's coming Woodbury!

By: Straitupmarilyn on 11/8/12
The problem I have seen is the people don''t take a stand. We could have so much more control if the people would stand up and fight, but the seven years I have been here that is not the case. They appear to be a sleep.

By: juanita on 11/15/12
Can we still protest or is it to late and where does the money come from to do this.

By: Bonnie on 11/16/12
Juanita, Part of the money is derived from the taxes we pay on gasoline. This money goes to fund State and local highway projects. Some of the taxes we pay to IRS is also reallocated to the States for funding highway projects. Most likely it is too late now to raise a protest. Citizens had the opportunity to voice their opinions during the various public meetings held on this subject a few years ago.

By: sinkhole1959 on 12/3/12
The bypass route and discussions came around years ago. I think this caused a big uproar when the routes were first being decided and that was probably 10 years ago or more. I remember someone asking about the businesses in Woodbury being adversely affected back then and someone said that when this happened to other small towns that usually the retail type stores all closed up and were replaced with more specialty stores like Antique shops or things like that. The type of businesses that would survive would be specialty destinations that someone would want to exit the main highway to shop. Not clothes or furniture but specialty shops and specialty restaurants. It will not take long before the gas stations would start moving to the edge of the highway as well. For now you see the 4-lane coming into Woodbury and then the new section starting on the other side of Woodbury and going to McMinnville. For now traffic will continue to flow through Woodbury until they start the last section taking the 4-lane around Woodbury. But I don't know when that will start. It has been all these years just getting this piece in from McMinnville to Woodbury. So it may take 10 more years to do the rest. Back to the discussion at hand of existing businesses and local support. Since there are few industries, blue collar or white collar type jobs in Cannon County that means the vast majority of residence travel to other counties to work. I live between Woodbury and M'boro and drive through M'boro to work. So there are a lot of folks like me that only get into Woodbury to get some groceries or go to co-op or Church. So most of my shopping is done when I drive through M'boro on my way home. It is not convenient for me to drive 10+ more miles round trip to Woodbury to buy some small item. The local agricultural populations that used to do all shopping and business in town are dwindling down in number as farms are sold and broken up. I can see staple items being needed in town and specialty items like flowers or antiques. I can see some services too thriving in town but don't look for Woodbury to be the same as it was 25 or 30 years ago. I live near Bradyville and years ago I was talking to some of the old-timers from that area I was told how at one time Bradyville had stores, a bank, a small doctor's office, the post office and schools. Because it was too difficult back then to travel even to Woodbury. When traveling became easier than it was 70 or 80 years ago all those small town businesses slowly died and now all Bradyville has is a post office. Now as roads and travel become easier small towns like Woodbury could even start to slowly collapse. I hate to see that happen but the town and businesses need to look at that future and possibly start trying to adapt its future plans to make Woodbury a local and travel destination instead of trying to keep it as it was 100 years ago. There just needs to be some smart planning going on with future, technology and interests to draw in customers.

By: Bonnie on 12/7/12
Sinkhole1959... well thought out commentary! You hit the nail on the head. Life will change for residents of Woodbury and Cannon County once the 4-way highway is completed allowing for traffic flow to by-pass the town. Development plans are best laid out now before the rush begins for businesses to move toward the by-pass. Tourism may become the salvation for Cannon County if planned and developed appropriately. The Chamber appears to be moving forward with such planning and needs the support of county government and county citizens. "Make do with what you have" has always been the creed of Cannon Countians. Never has such a philosophy been so important to the future of the county. Utilization and protection of natural resources is critical. Cannon's people and its businesses are included among its greatest assets.

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