Letter: Tea Party a movement

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To the Editor:

Since there is an active attempt by so many to smear the Tea Party with hate-filled rhetoric and outright lies, I feel it necessary, as a proud member of this energetic and patriotic movement to provide you with the facts.

First of all, the Tea Party is not an actual political party, it is rather, a movement of like-minded Americans, Democrats, Republicans and Independents alike, who feel compelled, many after never being been involved in politics their entire lives, to get educated and get involved to try and save your country.

Once you find out the basic principles upon which it is founded, you might begin to realize that you too are the Tea Party.

If you believe that America is a great nation, you are the Tea Party.

If you believe in a strict adherence to our Constitution, you are the Tea Party.

If you believe that our rights are “endowed by our Creator,” you are the Tea Party.

If you believe in the 2nd Amendment as a guarantee of an individual’s right to keep and bear arms and that it has nothing to do with hunting, you are the Tea Party.

If you believe in private property rights and the sovereignty of the individual, you are the Tea Party.

If you believe in smaller, less intrusive, federal, state and local government, less business-killing regulations and lower taxes, you are the Tea Party.

If you believe that government spending at all levels is out of control and that we are on a collision course with economic disaster, you are the Tea Party.

If you believe that it is a parent’s right not the government’s to raise and educate your children, you are the Tea Party.

If you believe in securing our borders, you are the Tea Party.
If you believe in personal responsibility, you are the Tea Party.

Jerry Paschal

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Members Opinions:
December 12, 2013 at 3:17pm
Everyone has their own political views and I believe everyone is entitled to those views under our Constitution and wholeheartedly support your right to express them. As a lifelong Republican and the current Chairman of the Cannon County Republican Party I will respectfully disagree that because I believe in the ideas presented above that it makes me a member of the TEA Party.
I am a Republican. Period and exclamation point! I've known that since I was six years old. I've known that despite having a mother who by very definition was considered to be a "yellow dog Democrat" and expressed to me the only way she would ever vote Republican would be if I ran for office and she would have to seriously think about it then. I’ve known that I’ve been a Republican all these years despite the influence of more than half of my family supporting the Democratic Party.

I am a Republican not because I agree with what is written above, but because I disagree with the mantra, beliefs and ideals presented by the Democratic Party.

The Democrats and the Republicans are fundamentally on Venus and Mars with their views 90% of the time. Knowing that does not mean that they should not work together to try and reach a middle ground on any and all issues we face as a country. Saying that doesn’t mean or imply that I am a moderate in any way either. I am as conservative as anyone I know. I am 100% behind states’ rights, the constitution, small government, God and prayer in our schools; I am pro-life and believe in the sanctity of marriage between one man and one woman. I believe a man deserves what he works for and if he chooses not to work then he should go hungry. I don’t believe it is my job to support anyone who is capable of working. I do agree we should try and help those in true need of assistance and get them back on their feet in every way possible so they can contribute to our society. I even agree with the idea of reforming our health care system, but I adamantly oppose Obama Care because it is fundamentally wrong, a terrible law, terrible for our economy as a whole, a blatant lie to the American people and an absolute jobs killer.

The difference between me and others inside of my party at this time is they have developed an all or nothing attitude when it comes to governing the country. And that attitude is prevalent in BOTH parties and it has effectively shut down our government. Blame can be spread to both parties, to both sets of leadership in both the Senate and House and to the President himself. But, I ask you and everyone else, what good does it do to blame in the end? It accomplishes nothing except causes divide. It is past time to blame and it is time to accomplish what needs to be done.

The division in the Republican Party with members of the Tea Party is doing more harm to the economy, the people and the nation as a whole than it is ever worth because it is giving the people no clear choice candidate or issue to rally behind. If and when they learn that the division amongst themselves will consistently re-elect members of the Democratic Party whose intention it is to make this country into a pure socialist, liberal and government reliant nation then and only then will we begin to remove the plague of the Democratic Party and elect people who will treat with respect the ideas our founding fathers set forth 237 years ago.
December 20, 2013 at 4:39pm
I've voted independent most of my life ... for both GOP and Demo presidents ... this Tea Party business makes me nervous ... I sense a lot of racial and religious bigotry, and that's not new progress ...that's old hatred.
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