LETTER: Disappointed In Actions Of Some Election Officials

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What is going on with our Cannon County Election Commission? It seems like every time I pick up the paper there is another feud going on there.

I am an independent voter without ties to any political party. The picture I'm getting is that the Republicans are bound and determined to rule the entire process with an iron hand and force Tea Party politics on everyone. If you don't agree with them completely ... you're out! No other opinions are welcome nor accepted.

Our election protocols are based on different opinions and are to be determined by a majority of voters who will make the final decision on each issue. The issue of a fair and unbiased elections are being jeopardized by this process of constant turmoil and conflict.

If the existing officials can't get their act together and have a non-partisan approach to operating the commission, they need to be replaced with people who have an overall objectivity and can act civilly and with decorum appropriate to those positions.

Frankly, I'm disappointed and even embarrassed by the actions of some of our officials in the Election Commission.

Fount Bertram
2100 Bradyville Hill Road
Bradyville, TN 37026

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Members Opinions:
June 09, 2012 at 11:12am
Well said, Fount ---You can trace it back to when the major and ongoing problems began----pretty obvious who the problem is.
June 09, 2012 at 8:48pm
I will tell you what I am disappointed about.

I am disappointed that the 5 Election Commissioners voted unamimously to close some small polling places that would have saved Cannon County several thousand dollars when holding elections and affected very few voters. Then, two months later, after the Election Office had made all the changes, notified voters, etc., 3 Commissioners decided to flip flop on their vote because they were getting phone calls from a few disgruntled citizens who didn't want to drive a few extra miles to exercise their right to vote. Then the Election Office had to redo all that had been done, thereby not only costing the County several thousand dollars, but NOT saving the County any money.

I am disappointed that people of Cannon County don't know that since Administrator Dobson and his assistant have been in the Election Office, EVERY election has been handled in a fair, above board, non-partisian way. The Election Office of Cannon County has received praise from the State Election Office for the efficient, fair, lawful way in which they have conducted elections.

I am disappointed that people don't know that the Election Office has NOT been written up by State Auditors, like many departments in the county, because they conduct their office finances in a competent and businesslike manner. People don't know that the Election Office has returned unused money to the county at the end of every budget year since Mr. Dobson has been in office. I am disappointed that because of "good ole boy" politics and personality clashes, the assistant in the Election Office makes less per hour than almost any of the other office workers in the county and the County Commissioners are constantly arguing about paying her for the hours she works - even though Mr. Dobson has never ask for extra money over and above his budget - just to move some money WITHIN his budgeted items. BTW, these extra hours for his assistant might not have been necessary if the 3 Election Commissioners had not made such a mess over moving some polls.

I am disappointed that some people hear one-sided rumors and outright lies and do not investigate the real facts before they jump to wrong conclusions.

I am disappointed that the media in Cannon County has to keep a "stir-up" going all the time to sell papers and fuel fires that should have died long ago.

I am disappointed that the citizens of Cannon County do not realize and appreciate what a good Election Office they really have. I know that for over 147 years the Democrat Party were the ones in charge of the Election Office in Cannon County. Due to Statewide voter preference this has now changed. It is time citizens embraced this change and all work together for fairness, progress, and togetherness for Cannon County.
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