Going ape over the monkey survey
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It's a close poll right now between Trump and Clinton .... has been and will no doubt continue to stay that way. Remaining DEPENDABLE vs. ACCOUNTABLE.

I have two basic fears at this point....that once one of them is elected into office...yes, one will be our new president...and the other fear is if something were to happen to this new president...who the living heck are these vice presidents who will take over? Have we heard HOW QUALIFIED these strangers are? Ummm NO.

Lost in the shadows of never ever land like Biden....are they not..? So much for the electorial votes....just how many POPULAR VOTES will be cast? Seriously?
Have you seen the NEW ballot box....it resembles a TRASH CAN. I mean, Aunt Martha is trying to squeeze in voting between her manicure and yoga class.

Many of us are laid off...so, we have plenty of time to vote. Cousin Clarence is voting in PENCIL in case he wants to change it...but at this point is voting for Trump just for the Saturday Night Live jokes. Uncle Festus told Uncle Pete: If your're voting for Hillary raise your hand...Now, use it to slap yourself !!

Either way, Folks.... I strongly encourage you to vote even if it's for the WRONG candidate !!

I must say to my fellow man....remember that a politician is a fellow who will lay down YOUR LIFE for HIS country. They hold elections in November.I guess because it's the BEST TIME for picking out TURKEYS !!

While we should never underestimate the power of the COMMON MAN, do you wonder just how much power being a citizen of the United States makes a difference? And, I am afraid that by the time we learn the rules of life, we're going to be too old to play the game.

The HUMANE SOCIETY says that they will pay Trump $5.00 if he releases that thing on his head back into the woods. While a vote for Hillary is a vote for Monsanto. Do you think if we stop asking her questions, she will stop LYING?

It's a race to the finish ! If Donald and Hillary are together on a boat in the middle of the ocean and it sinks. Who will survive? AMERICA....AMERICA SURVIVES !! The ongoing CHANT for Trump is: We Shall Over Comb....

You think voting for Donald is a joke? But, a country that elects Bush twice isn't funny either...!!

Are these TWO the BEST we could come up with? Hey...at this point with Hillary and her issues still pending with the FBI .... Trump just needs to be more controlled not as crude nor flip back and forth and speaks softly...he could gently read the PHONE BOOK and WIN....

Clinton seems more in a dither at this point...gee...what do I call BILL if I win presidency? .... First Gentleman? I know what I would call him...but they would have to PULL this article !! Not appropriate for print....

Somewhere along the line...the FBI got sloppy with their investigation or Hillary would have already been indicted by now. Too many things left up in the air. Hey, that's NOT me...it was on the early morning and late evening news. Monica Lewinsky says: I will NOT be voting for Hillary. The last Clinton presidency left a very bad taste in my mouth !!

All Trump has to say to beat Hillary in the debates is: I HAVE THE RECEIPTS.

Hey, Trump may be a FLAWED candidate...no one is perfect...but since he fired his first campaign manager and lost the baseball cap and lost the rough and tough image...his softening just may put a hammer to this whole thing. Could he be reflecting the point that it's best that a professor never stops being a student.

Cousin Clarence says: If Hillary Clinton wins the election, I will volunteer as tribute for Hunger Games !!

At least Trump did one thing before he began criticizing the illegals....he made sure his pools were clean and all his lawns were mowed....!

My neighbor said that the only difference between Donald Trump and Ronald Reagan is that IF Trump gets Alzheimers, his IQ would go up.

The American Indians have given Hillary Clinton her honorary name: WALKING EAGLE. Is there any meaning to that name? Yes, a Walking Eagle is so full of crap, it cannot fly...! As Hillary coughs and chokes...why is it whenever she tries to tell the truth?

Hey...when faced with a choice between the lesser of two evils, the MORALLY right thing to do is to choose neither one...!

I could tell you even more pros and cons of both candidates but that's YOUR HOMEWORK for the evening. Watch the news and soak it up. the USA Today Network early in AM is good. Try and catch a program aimed directly at the election and the daily ups and downs of the candidates. Otherwise, you are throwing away your opportunity to make a difference and feel good about it !! It's YOUR country...don't abandon our nation ! It's like writing a book: You've got the page numbers done, now just fill in the rest !

So, just for awhile....keep this election on your mind. Oh yes, I realize that the Leaf Blower needs to be fixed, the dog needs a bath, Football for all ages is going on, brakes on the car are shot, the heat this fall is outrageous, the neighbors can be annoying....but most important...let's get this country FIXED once and for all....study the best choice out of these two and VOTE...the race is on... let's choose the one who will: lower our taxes, raise employment, improve education, respect our religions, respect personal gun control, limit immigration, strengthen our military and strive to end poverty within our OWN nation. It's a TALL ORDER...but it's about time these things are taken seriously and followed through. Do either one of these candidates have what it takes? Keep listening as time gets closer for that FINAL VOTE.

Above all...be there for your COUNTRY...your FAMILY...your EXISTENCE.

CHAT with you next week and many HUGS !! SAVANNAH


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