Dieting doesn't make great Thanksgiving

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What to do....what to do?

Thanksgiving is nearly here and what do I find myself doing?

Trying to diet, of course.

Why? You may ask...

"'Cause I need to," is my answer.

I'm overweight with a decided lack of energy. It wears me out to uh, walk to the refrigerator. I'm in pretty sad shape.
So how am I combating my lack of condition?

Uh, it's not by working out, walking, swimming or riding a bicycle. Thus far, I'm fighting my weight problem by watching TV.
I admit that's no solution. But...

But first, I have to decide upon the right approach to losing weight and getting into shape. (Or at least, I think my wife believes that will work in my case. She hasn't admitted that ... but I can tell by that look in her eye.)

Plan A was to go on a liquid diet for like 60 days. By liquid, I don't mean Coca-Cola or Pabst Blue Ribbon. The liquid in this case is liquified vegetables ... green stuff, not 'taters ... for three or four "meals" a day. Whew!!!!

Plan B was the all-vegetable diet ... as in vegetarian ... as in NO country ham, sausage or even chicken.

You see, chicken has as much harmful stuff as your basic T-bone steak. (Durn videos!)

"But I need protein," I insisted, only to discover via the videos some varieties of beans have as much protein as meat or so the videos say. Got to say, the idea of me eating a lot of beans doesn't have much appeal to the missus. (If you get my drift?) But I do admit that some of the recipes sound great. There's one for a meatless lasagna that would be fantastic. "Naturally," endless salads are part of this diet. Salads without dressing and without chicken or steak or boiled eggs for that matter.

So where are we now?

We're sorta settling on Plan C. Our Plan C is a combination of having a veggie "shake" for breakfast and some sort of veggie meal for dinner. Oops, almost forget the exercise part, which is initially walking. (And I don't mean saundering across the street. Walking fast and for a distance.)
You've got to start somewhere.

Based on past history, I know that having the proper attitude is about 9/10s of the issue. You've got to stay upbeat and not be my usual "hangdog" self.


So where does this leave us?

We're staring Thanksgiving right in the face. Yup, turkey and dressing, mashed potatoes and macaroni and cheese. Did I mention pumpkin pie?
It's gonna take a stronger mind than mine to resolve this issue, which is more complicated because some of the youngsters have gone vegetarian on us.
Here's my suggestion: We have a traditional Thanksgiving meal and pack up the leftovers for the non-veggers to take home with them.

How is one day gonna hurt the master diet plan? Oh sure, I can give up all those rich, fattening foods without a blink of the eye. I've got this diet thing ironed out perfectly! I would never cheat!!

Unfortunately ( or perhaps fortunately), I don't really have much of a say on this issue. My role is following orders.
Yes, mam!

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