Caution from Florence Nightingale

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Well, Florence, whether it's a candle or a lantern....our government uses neither. We can hardly find the good ole light bulbs anymore. Too bad, the new LED bulbs have cracks in them that release UV rays that can burn skin cells...causing melanoma.

With their hands in their pockets and wearing stupid expressions, it only goes to prove that many serious purposely overlooked issues regarding the food we eat, medicines we take, cosmetics we use and water we drink. They are monsters and should be placed on a short bus!! The food we eat are EATING US. The oversight of our medicines runs rampant. They are the spider and we are the fly being lured into the attractive web of fancy cosmetics, fast foods, sugar laden treats and the technology to make it all look so TEMPTING.

I am about to post a CAUTION SIGN ---- it's up to YOU to take heed. Let's take just a moment to talk about Florence Nightingale. Born in 1820 and died in 1910, this very special woman was born into a wealthy family but chose to spend her nights giving personal care to the wounded soldiers during the Crimean War. Thus, her title of: LADY WITH THE LAMP.

She is the founder of modern nursing and fought to improve hospital sanitation methods and improve public health for the poor. This social reformer swore that she would: Rather die in the surf than stand idly on the shore. She was the mustard seed in the nursing field....who could germinate and root itself. A seriously dedicated American citizen who strived to improve and cleanse our system...which has since gone south in our society.

Here we are with a bunch of food made from crops that causes insects stomachs to explode. And it is SAFE FOR US ? And here is the doctor who recommends regular exercise and healthful nutrition, but knows you won't do, here's a prescription for a bunch of pills!

Even Aunt Martha, who is constantly trying to lose weight, believes that CALORIES are tiny creatures that live in your closet and sew your clothes a bit tighter every night.

No attention is being paid to those CARCINOGENS STILL BEING SOLD. IGNORED. EXCUSED BY FDA. There is baby powder linked to ovarian cancer. Lead in lipstick. Cosmetics with no regulation...ignoring cancer causing chemicals. Birth control pills also leads to cancer, but because an investigation might kill profit margins, they leave it alone. Pesticides...60% leads directly to cancer. EPA seems too bored to bother. It's like the circle of life. We have to put toxins on our
crops that will kill us, so that the food we reap can keep us alive until we die. Gee, can't we understand this ?

Aspartame, the SWEETENER listed as TOXIN POISON by those in the know, causes too many disorders to list ! While it claims to keep your weight down, it might kill you in the process. Diet sodas are the worst offender! ALWAYS READ THE LABELS: to check whether aspartame is in what you buy. Even yogurt.

CIGARETTES can produce 15 types of cancer!! I'm not even going to go there, Folks....

CELL PHONES risk tumor growth in the brain. Business before pleasure? The Pleasure of Life at risk? And, oh boy....every member of your family has one!! Start using speaker might get something done when both your hands are free....!

Are you a regular user of acetaminophen? Well, the risk of blood cancer doubles for users of this pain killer.

The chemicals used in PROCESSED FOODS such as hot dogs, ham, bacon, sausage, some deli meats and cheese....just to make them taste Yummy !

The high fructose in CORN SYRUP is known to cause pancreatic cancer. Read's unbelievable how many products contain it.

FAST FOODS are a disgrace!! Oh sure, it saves us time...but also takes it away. Chemicals and preservatives galore. FDA KNOWS THIS, but once again looks the other way. Hey, instead of microwaved sandwiches made with fake cheese, processed meats and sugar overloaded bread or cooking a deadly frozen dinner, start cooking organic food in a natural oven with real butter. All Washington seems concerned with is Trump versus Hillary and bombing Syria ---- not our SAD AMERICAN DIET. The FDA, EPA and hundreds of other agencies responsible for monitoring food, health and beauty are doing a TERRIBLE JOB and designed for a TRAGIC END !!!


One more scary thing to consider is BOTTLED WATER. Plastic in these bottles is unhealty and toxic. Most of the time, we drink water from these bottles strickly for convenience and the FALSE belief that the water is so much better than tap water. WRONG...AGAIN... the polyethylene in the plastic is made from CRUDE OIL. Never leave bottled water in the sun or a hot car. I shutter when I see convenient stores displaying their waters in a hot display window.

GAG....Wanna really get sick? Drink that....lots of plastic chemicals down the tube. Just remember that TAP WATER is tested for purity more often. Plus, there ARE filter pitchers or sink filters available that removes tap taste and traces of chemicals and bacteria. Nothing is perfect...but tap water is declared safer. Not only that, but the biodegradable floating patch of plastic bottles in the Pacific Ocean is the size of Texas...and devastating to the sealife. If left in landfills, they leak TOXIC additives into ground water. THIS IS NUTS...!! We can't even trust eating the fish we catch...with all the phosphates that empty into the lakes and rivers from farm land fertilizers.
Hey Folks, I know it is hard to change our diet and to outlaw the NO NO'S all at once. I just want you to be aware of these things that DO harm us and our family. Baby steps will lead to a giant of a difference. We might even start to feel so much better with our better choice of diet, we may not need those funky prescriptions we are strapped with. Saving money from not buying prescriptions will give you all the more money for that nutritious food we are missing out on. Give it a shot.

What's amazing is that what I have just told you in my CHAT is not even touching the surface of the dangers we are offered everyday in the marketplace. It's like dropping a kleenex down for wall-to-wall carpeting. I just want to see you guys still around for awhile. So, take notice...protect your body and pass it forward. I will be chatting with you next week. All of you take care...enjoy your safely and hug your family and friends.


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