BFFS forever? Hnmmmm

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OK Folks, let's just step outside the box for a minute. Are BFF'S really the so-called best event since the discovery of penicillin?

Seriously, do you REALLY believe that you actually (realistically) have over 3500 BFF'S on Facebook?

Granted, friends are the best part of our lives, aside of family. There ARE times we need our friends over our family. Mostly, because they belong to the same age group and face the same problems. They are a shoulder to cry on. They know you personally and secret things about your life. You are comfortable telling them things that you would tell no other.

Best friends listen to what you have to say and to what you don't say. They can look at your biggest smile on your face and still will know something is wrong. Best friends are formed in time and will stand beside you when no one else will.

Wow...and to think you have over 3500 BFF'S on Facebook!

Friends on Facebook have really become diluted and can be found at the speed of light! Without thinking, we let strangers into our lives. I'm not saying that some of these contacts are not sincere...I am only commenting that to tell most of these contacts our life story and personal information can may be a serious mistake!

Social butterflies are a dime a dozen. They flit around with comments and solutions to everyone else's problems and sharing pictures with other BFF'S who sometimes don't even exist or know that their pictures are being posted on Facebook. (Christy knows what I am talking about).

In theory, does Facebook REALLY take place of the personal phone calls, greeting cards and coffee together? (Reminds me of all the families today who don't even eat at the table together). What's wrong with the old timey life? The computer and television and game boys...should NEVER take place of human connection -eye to eye...heart to heart contact.

I make excuses to folks that I am still old-fashioned and send holiday cards, letters, thank-you notes. Oh yes, I need to email or text for quick communication, but to hand out the constant excuse that I DON"T HAVE THE TIME to take a minute and pick up a card or a stamp to mail it with just doesn't fly!

My mother and JD's mother truly enjoy receiving all the cute cards we send them. It brightens their day like nothing else! C'mon Guys, take a little time and go the old

fashioned route.

True friends are never apart, maybe in distance, but never in the heart. Aunt Martha says: Fake friends knock on your door...Real friends walk right in and say: I'm Home !!

Best friends are formed by time. An honest relationship. Uncle Festus says: If my best friend jumps off a bridge, I just get my boat and save his dumb butt!

Aunt Patsy tells me that: Best friends are like a four-leaf clover...hard to find and lucky to have!

Back in the Girl Scout days...we always sang the song: Make new friends, but keep the is silver and the other's gold! Remember that one?

Cousin Clarence says that his best friend knows how crazy he is, but still will be seen with him in public! (I need to meet this person...)

Aunty Roberta takes a different approach: My best friend just about knows everything about me...and better keep her mouth shut!

About 30 years ago, the term BFF originated between Lynn Luongo and Diana Piccini. They wrote letters and cards to each other.

So, just so you know it's not a NEW thing. Not a Facebook discovery or neat new idea, today it is a vacant shallow convenience and a good excuse to not be available where we are most needed. (Hey, if you want to invest time in a one of those unique

coloring books and ask your children to color with you. It's amazing how interesting chatter and warm comfort comes about.)

Remember the TRUNK SALE Fundraiser for the Cannon County Community for Animals on June 4th from 8 to 4 at the Court House parking lot. Contact Sue at # 615-563-2874 for space rentals and further details. Also ask her about the Wish List of things that she needs donated to keep our little furry friends comfortable. I love the motto they go by: A man's character can be judged by the way he treats his animals. (Amen...)

The Short Mountain Trading Post reopens on Saturday May 21st. A fun time for ALL will feature a Family Flea Market and Free Lunch at JD's Grill. It starts at 10 and ends at 5. Make sure you come and enjoy the fascinating Barn with an assortment of unique crafts and items at extremely great prices. A Dollar Room has been added along with new make sure to come see us.

Table spaces are FREE to those who wish to participate in the flea market. Just call me: #615-464-7824 and we will reserve you a spot or two.

Gotta run for now but remember what we talked about...true friends are hard to find... but when you do find those special people, hang on to them forever. Please have a safe week take care of your your carefully...buckle up....and enjoy each new day. Smile...Laugh...and a little dance in the rain won't hurt either.... (especially with your BFF !).


P.S. Thanks to PAT at the Feed America First Team for the gorgeous Easter lilly she sent home with JD. It certainly brightened my day!!

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