Woodbury Board OK's Changes To Employment Policies

The Town of Woodbury Mayor and Board Of Aldermen approved several changes or updates to various policies in the Town Of Woodbury Employee Handbook Tuesday night during its monthly meeting at City Hall.

Some of the changes and updates include emphasizing the Town of Woodbury as an at will employer.

All employees must notify department heads of any address or phone changes within 7 days of the change.

All employees must accept Certified Mail sent to them by the town.

One policy formally stated three violations of a specific offense could lead to termination. The policy has been changed to three violations of a compliation of offenses can lead to termination.

Drug and alcohol testing policy has been changed to randomly test any employee employed in a safety type position such as a policeman or fireman. If there is just cause any employee can be drug tested. The Town of Woodbury has to designate a doctor to read the results. All new employees will be required to undergo a drug test before employment.

The Ordinance passed on first reading and will be put on the agenda for a public hearing and second reading for the November meeting.

In other business, the Board approved the request of Connie Lorance who sought a roadblock October 21st and 22nd for the Cannon County High School FCCLA Class. The class uses the funds raised to cover transportation costs for an annual trip to Atlanta in November.

The Board also approved the waiver request of Debbie Vaughn from having to install a Type 1 Suppression Hood System at the Gathering Place Cafe in the Old Feed Store Antique Mall.

The matter was first brought up to the planning commission last month and the planning commission said it was a decision that needed to have been made by the Woodbury Aldermen. The expensive system only needed to be put in place if grease laden food was being prepared. The Cafe would only be serving Deli type comfort foods.

The waiver request passed with the stipulation that the approval would expire if the Vaughns ever sold the business or cafe or if they decide to start serving the type of food that would require the Type 1 Supression Hood System to be in place.

The next meeting of the Mayor and Board Of Aldermen is scheduled to take place Tuesday, November 8th.