Welcome to Woodbury Kate and Pat

Jeff Odle of Moss TN attended the Woodbury Christmas Parade with "Kate & Pat", a pair of 2 year old mare mules who stand a firm 17'2" hands at such a young age.

Middle Tennessee Mule Skinner President Andrew Duggin showed up at Bill Smith's welcoming all Mule Skinners as they parked, unloaded, hitched, decorated to prepare for the parade in Woodbury on December 6th.

Pat & Kate were visitors of the MTMS and enjoyed by all at they minded their manners and displayed their keen talents while being a part of the MTMS exhibit during the parade in Woodbury. While in the Middle Tennessee area the team traveled to Shelbyville TN later that evening and was well accepted at the Shelbyville Christmas Parade having their picture taken over and over. On Sunday the team traveled to Liberty TN and participated in the Liberty Christmas Parade.

As in all youngsters eyes this time of year, "the girls" are taking in Christmas in a big way. They will be attending the Cookville, Livingston and Celina TN parade over the next week. Thank you for such a warm welcome in Woodbury - our first Christmas parade --- Pat & Kate.