UW Success By 6 Launches Active Learning Campaign

The United Way of Rutherford and Cannon Counties' Success By 6 initiative has launched an Active Learning campaign that will target pre-kindergarten children. Active Learning is unique, comprehensive educational programming in the areas of math, reading, and science. The programming is designed to be used within pre-kindergarten facilities, at home with families or in any educational capacity.  
The programming is accessible to the public through the local United Way's website at http://uwrutherford.org/CommunityImpact/ActiveLearning.aspx and will feature new content on a quarterly basis.
Success By 6 focuses on early childhood development for the community, based on the principles of collaboration and prevention. The goal of Success By 6 is to ensure that all children develop the emotional, social, cognitive, and physical capacities and skills they need to achieve well being, and be ready to learn when they start kindergarten.
For questions or more information about Active Learning or Success By 6, please contact Jennifer Smith at 615-893-7303 or Jennifer.Smith@uwrutherford.org.