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Hello, everyone! Thanks to all of you who visited us last week-end. It was such a nice group of people and they were so polite putting up with me and my allergies and laryngitis. Sign language almost became necessary, but we made it through! So many of the ladies mentioned that they already had so many things at home, but they love taking things home from the Loft . I guess it's not about the things we have, but the memories we have from them.

We have a date for the next Family Fun Flea Market! It will be on Saturday, June 6th from 10 to 5. Once again, we are offering free vending space for those who wish to participate and make some money on their cast-aways, collectibles and craft items. We also are offering free lunch to everyone who attends the market. Our last event was successful and everyone sold a good bit of their items and were happy with the results! So, take a minute to call me, Savannah at 615-464-7824 and reserve your spot!

The Stillhouse Restaurant opened this past Thursday! It is a beautiful addition to our Short Mountain venues. It is open Thursday through Sunday serving from farm to table specialties. Reservations can be made though their website or call the Distillery. What's exciting is now folks can go shopping and take the Barn tour at the Short Mountain Trading Post, then go next door to the Distillery for their tour and then enjoy a fantastic meal at the Stillhouse! A full day of unique fun and satisfaction! Make sure you get your friends, visitors and family together to enjoy their day at our attractions!

You know, I just swell with pride and get so nostalgic when I drive by the Little League Baseball and Soccer fields and see the huge amount of parents and supporters cheering on the young players to do their best and win that game! My two sons were very active back in the day in football and baseball. I was always the team mom and right in the middle of all of it. I cherish those memories like you would not believe and feel so lucky to have experienced it all! There were games when I would time it just right and watch my younger son up at bat and as soon as he was done, I would run across a little bridge to the Senior field and watch my older son just getting up to bat. Don't ask me how it all worked out like that, but I was glad it did! When football season arrived, I would be right down on the playing field saying the prayer with the boys before the game and hugging each and every one of them win or lose when the game was over. Those were the days I will never forget. My youngest son went on to college on an academic and athletic scholarship and my oldest son graduated from college and became an assistant football coach in southern Florida. Forever an athletic family I would say!

So for that reason if nothing else, I encourage all you parents who have yet to participate and support your children at these games, you need to start now. It is so beneficial to your relationship with your kids and as far as happy memories your cup will be filled to the brim!

Another thing that makes me so happy is when I see the love folks have for their animals. I mean, from the gorgeous horses and cattle down to the little canaries in their cages; all makes such a difference when they are loved and well-cared for. If you don't have the time to dedicate to the proper care of these little people, please don't have them. Honestly, there are too many animals abandoned and left to fend for themselves. I wish that I could take all of them in, but it is impossible. So, when I see this happening, I turn away with a guilt trip. It breaks my heart and so many others' that I have talked to who feel the same way. Granted, animals can be expensive; they are like children. They need to go to the doctor occasionally, need to be fed well and love to be loved . Please take the right steps with your animals. I can't help but preach on this subject, because the cat and dog population has gotten out of control and because of it, all the unlucky little guys suffer and that is a sad sad thing. Honestly, I think we all get so easily side tracked with life in general: working exhausting jobs, attending meetings, paying the bills, repairing the car and house, visiting parents in nursing homes, cooking, cleaning, laundry. I understand, but just take that extra bit of squeezed out time from somewhere and dedicate it to attending your child's activities and finally sitting down and holding that loving pet who all worship the ground you walk on. OK?

My neighbor, Chester, who is a police officer came home all frustrated the other night. He said Ya' know, Savannah, sometimes life just sucks the jelly right out of your donut! We have a home pelted by eggs for over a year now and the police just can't "crack" the case ! (I had to stifle a chuckle; it just hit me funny.) Just like the time Aunt Martha asked Uncle Festus if he believed in the "hereafter" and he said Sure, I do. Everytime I enter a room, I look around and say, Now, just what was I here after! And, to think, he was the one who took up jogging and keeps getting lost! I recently bought him a pair of lawn aerator sandals and hope he can tromp around in the yard and do some good and give up his disturbing jogging episodes. Cousin Annie has given up on losing weight and decided just to grow taller. (Oh, yeah, that should do the trick!)

Well my friends, I gotta run for now. Just remember to be safe, love your family, help your neighbors and be thankful for what you have. Good things will come your way, and of all things, come see us at the Trading Post. You will love it!
Hugs, Savannah

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