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Okay folks, snow on Halloween is a first for me. I mean, I have still seen snow in May...but Halloween is something else!

I just came inside from raking and leaf blowing all the leaves over into our vacant lot. Our dogs love to cuddle in all those stacks of shedding nature. Well, I know for a fact that I have plenty more for them when they scrunch these all down. When we bought our house here, I loved it because of all the trees surrounding it and even growing thru the deck floors as decoration. I always say I live in a tree house. I must admit that it is a beautiful sight, but when they shed their leaves and nuts I must say that I have a different love for it all.....hump!

It has been proclaimed that this year is the year for the bountiful nuts. Considering the fact that we have ten of each Tennessee nut trees growing over and around our cabin, I certainly agree that it is the year of the nuts. The walnuts are the worst only because they hit our tin roof and it sounds like a cannon going off. At three in the morning and sound asleep, don't think that that doesn't give one an instant heart attack! Then you lay away in fear of the next explosion. Along with the other smaller nuts which sound like an ammunition plant going off, I will say that I will be more than glad when the year of the nuts is over. Next year, it will be less nuts and then the following year hardly any nuts. So, every three years ya' gotta get strapped in for the nut attack whether you like it or not! Wait a minute, how did I get on this subject anyway?

Well, our big Holiday Extravaganza is this coming week-end on Saturday November 8th. I will let you know how it all turns out in next week's article. Santa and his elves are paying us a visit along with all our vendors full of early Christmas surprises. The switch from Total Halloween décor to Christmas will be a challenge, but you know we love it! If for some reason you didn't make this event, we are still all decorated and ready for you to visit us and have a great time! We are open Thursdays thru Saturdays 10 to 5. See you then!

Thanks so much to Mike West for his almost full page coverage of our Halloween Spooktacular! It looked great and we got so many nice compliments on it. Mike, you are the best! Other than that, we are so busy folks, that we don't know if we found a rope or lost our horse!

Well, Our dear Uncle Festus is at it again, saying things that forever get him in trouble. He told me the other day that the only reason people are vegetarians is that they are bad hunters! Is that why his Indian name is Runs with Beer? Aunt Clara said that the only water Festus drinks has been through a brewery first! She's only getting back at him for his comment about her mother: I keep throwing water on my mother-in-law but she doesn't melt! Fester, some people are like clouds, once they disappear, it's a beautiful day! Cousin Buford on the other hand has the personality that goes along with: you know you're lazy when you get excited about cancelled plans. Poor Aunt Martha can't get him to go anywhere. He just wants to live his retirement watching t.v. He has gotten pretty up on the politician scene. He told me that Politicians and Diapers need to be changed often...for the same reason. He said that 25 years ago we had Ronald Reagan, Johnny Cash and Bob Hope. Now we have Obama, No Cash and No Hope! Great Grandpop listens to him, but simply says that It's hard to be nostalgic when you can't remember anything! He believes that inside every older person is a younger person wondering: What the heck happened? Granny Ann says that Grandpop is just a geezer: not young. not dead. somewhere in between. Myself, I think he is merely a squirrel whisperer like my husband, J.D. Like they say, you're better off joinin' 'em.

Trying to make sense of all this chit chat would drive me crazy. A sense of humor does come in handy with this group! In closing, I did want to mention that I received something in the mail that just made me laugh. This week it was from the electric company that told me: if you wear more clothes inside your house during the winter, your electric bill would be lower. You save something like two cents per something. Honestly, I will pay the extra two cents whatever to avoid getting sick and having to go to the doctor and pay what I saved towards an appointment and prescriptions instead. Was that supposed to be a revelation what they told me? Think about it, folks, if you did what every piece of advertising and commercials asked us to, where would we be now? Yep, I'm signing off for now and wish all of you a fantastic happy week. Come on out and see us at the Short Mountain Trading Post. You're always welcomed!

Hugs, Savannah

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