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NEVER A DULL MOMENT ........... Let's see, where do I start? First of all, the update on my ANT problem at home is still going strong. Pesky things ! I'm at the point of talking to, Now where do you think you are going? or Are you serious, 20 of you on one crumb? or Hey, just take me to your Leader and we can end this thing! ....It has become a contest between JD and I....who can eliminate the most ants in one swat.....! Not only that....the raccoon is still in the Trading Post Barn .... that rude little thing destroys the barn kitties eating station every night....tears up anything it can find....pulls down all the mud dobbers nests and eats the larvae....leaving the dirt all over the carpets and knocking down everything in the Loft to reach those nests. We have considered a trap, but with six cats in the same area...we are afraid we will trap the cats and the raccoon will harm them. I have even tried fake rubber snakes....which DID help for a little while. Help!!

Not only that, but on 9-11 we had a terrible storm come through my neighborhood early that evening and huge branches dropped on our roof and damaged it !! Quite a few folks had damage to their homes and sheds....and four huge trees fell across the access road to our subdivision and all the neighbors including myself were unable to get to our homes. We had live wires under the fallen trees and other access roads down by the lake that would have helped us get around the trees were also blocked by fallen trees. So, we all had to wait several hours while DTC and the Electric Company came and cut up and removed all the rubble. One good thing out of it all was at least we got to visit neighbors that we hadn't seen for quite awhile. It was still pouring down rain and we were all soaked, but finally the road was cleared and we got home to our totally dark and no electricity homes with the humidity being everything but kind. Well, that's my: Never a Dull Moment for the week.

Uncle Festus took Martha to Lake Okeechobee in Florida on a fishing trip. Lots of Everglades there, so Aunt Martha had quite an experience !
Having found a wonderful fishing spot, they proceeded to cast out their lines and settle back to relax. Suddenly, Martha felt a huge tug and exclaimed: It's a big un, Festus!!

The cork was bobbing furiously and suddenly a huge gator surfaced and gobbled down the cork! They both froze as the gator literally began to pull their little boat further out into the Lake.

This was definitely NOT what these two had in mind as a Good Time. At this point, Martha was screaming and slamming Festus on the head with her boat cushion, telling him to not just sit there, but fix this mess. Of course, Festus, was not about to be Gator he snipped the line loose from Martha's pole and the gator went on his merry way with his treasured bobber ..... Well, now they were steadfast in a heavy weed patch and the motor was clogged up. Festus raised up the motor and told Martha to pull off the weeds while he took the oar to push them further into clearer water. As Martha started to pull weeds off, she grabbed onto a huge lifeless water moccasin.

Festus, now look what you did, you killed this snake. No sooner did she speak than the snake started to move. She threw it in the boat and it landed
smack dab between Festus' legs. To this day, she swears she has never seen anyone on this green earth move as Fast as this man did. He would have jumped in the water but was still leery about the Gator still being around....He finally netted the snake as it went after frantic Martha and tossed it back into the Lake. With the prop cleared off, the motor started and off they went. Both of them claim Whiplash as Festus speeded out of there, only to look back to see that crazy angry snake chasing after them. (Sounds like a cartoon...but it did Really happen!!) Neither one of them want to talk about that fishing trip to anybody. If it wasn't for all the sunburn they got, I would say a good part of it looks to be : red in the face from embarrassment !!

OK, let's go onto the Trading Post event coming up. We have a lot of sign-ups for folks vending their wonderful Christmas creations, collectibles and crafts. Please don't miss out on this Country Christmas Bazaar to be held on Saturday October 10 from 10 to 5. Free vending spaces, so call me today at: 615-464-7824 if you wish to participate. Otherwise, just come and enjoy our early holiday event and gobble down the Free Lunch offered by Chef JD.
The Short Mountain Trading Post is open every week Thursday thru Saturday 10 to 5. We have wonderful inside vendor with booths featuring a huge variety of merchandise. Our Media Coffee room is loaded with paperbacks at 50cents each, hardcovers at $1.00 each, DVDs at $1.00 each and the oldie vinyl records both in albums and 45rpm. Huge variety of coffee mugs at $1.00 apiece and a variety of clocks and signs are available. The booth next to that is the: Basket Case.

You guessed it....all the baskets you can imagine. Also, Tin Pan Alley is in this booth with an adorable assortment of tin boxes and tin signs.
Lisa Wisdom's booth is across from them in her booth full of handcrafted Jewelry and her fantastic stained glass sun catchers of all sizes. Very reasonably priced!!

Jai Sheronda has his gourdgeous gourd lamps in the next booth. If you want to see something truly've got to see these!!
The Krafty Kitten is next to Jai featuring hair décor, collectible beer steins, comic books, homemade soaps, unique magnets and Halloween handcrafted scary dolls.

Two more booths are across from the Krafty Kitten. They are the Owl's Nest and Annie's. They feature collectibles, furniture, wall décor and lamps.
Last, but not least, Savannah's Loft covers the entire upstairs of the barn. She specializes in the eclectic and unique items as well as antique kitchen items, baker's racks, china and ceramic ware, roosters, antique phones, furniture, dolls, toys, antique jewelry, pins and rings, purses, hats, glassware, coke collectibles, lamps and a huge perpetual Christmas room.

Her 40% off sale is still going on...and folks are having an exceptionally good time purchasing their treasures at such a reduced price!!
Most of the booths downstairs are offering 20 to 30% off their merchandise as well. A huge clothing sale is going on across the back of the barn. All in will love it.....!!
Come and visit....bring your friends and family and enjoy yourselves !!
Our special clothing and toy drive for the Feed American First Organization in Woodbury is going very well!! If you have any winter clothing such as sweaters, coats, mittens, scarves, hats, blankets that you are not needing anymore....please drop them off at the Trading Post on the days we are open !!
Savannah does not allow anyone to be cold over the winter or go hungry. If you need to know the location of the food distribution center please call the number above for further details.
Well, I guess that will do it for now, Folks.....I want all of you to have a great week. Love your family. Help your friends . Smile. Laugh. Drive carefully and Don't do anything in the daytime that will keep you awake at night.... Chat with you next week and many

Hugs, Savannah

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