Town opts out of site reviews

By TONY STINNETT/ Courier Sports Editor

The Town of Woodbury Mayor and Aldermen approved an ordinance to delete the site plan review by the Woodbury Planning Commission for certain retail establishments within the Town's zoning ordinance during its annual monthly meeting at City Hall Tuesday (July 2).

The Board passed Ordinance 455, which is mainly for liquor stores. Anyone wanting to locate a liquor store in Woodbury would still have to come before the town's liquor board. The site plan review is not necessary before planners because Tenn-essee's Alcohol Beverage Commission (ABC) stand-ards are more stringent than local government's.

The body also unani-mously approved Tenn-essee Association Utility District as a financial advisor for the Town of Woodbury. Mayor Harold Patrick said Woodbury has six to seven debts that can be refinanced. The savings for Woodbury could be $300,000 to $500,000 over the course of various loans.

TAUD will work with the Town of Woodbury on loans for water and sewer projects.

The Board also passed Ordinance 456, amending the original budget ordinance for the fiscal year 2012-13. They approved the bid of Preston Brothers for the vacant lot at 209 Hayes Street. They gave permission for the Cannon County High School football team to hold summer practices and workouts at Dillon Park while the Fred Schwartz Field undergoes reconstruction. They also approved the Cannon County Chamber of Commerce's annual Color of Fall 5k run at Dillon Park Saturday September 28th which will take place starting at 7 in the morning.

 The next regular scheduled meeting of the Town Of Woodbury Mayor and Board of Aldermen will be Tuesday August 6th