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Today's Forecast ... 99% Chance of WINE...

WINE is one of the oldest beverages known to man. Italy is the country where folks drink the most WINE. They believe that a meal without WINE is called Breakfast!

The Scots will drink until the bagpipes sound GOOD.

The oldest known winery was discovered in the Areni-1 Cave in Armenia in 4100 BC.

The culture of WINE in Europe predates the Romans.

In ancient Greece, WINE was praised by poets, historians and artists.

The Pharaohs in Egypt began making wine from red grapes and used it in ceremonies.

A Butt was a medieval unit of measure for wine. So, technically a Butt Load of wine is about 475 liters or 126 gallons.

WINE is made using fermented grapes. Fermentation is a metabolic process that converts sugar to alcohol. WINE actually has low alcohol content and not included in the general definition of Liquor.

Red Wine is heart healthy with antioxidants that protect against artery damage and also is a cancer preventative.

White Wine helps keep lung tissues healthy, even though it is more acidic than red. Pinot Grigio (white) and Cabernat Savignon (red) are extra dry wines with Less calories.

The TOP wine producing countries are Italy, Spain, France and the U.S. American WINE has been produced for over 300 years. Top producing states
are California, Washington and New York. Yet, the first U.S. commercially successful winery was founded in Cincinnati Ohio in the mid 1830's with
wine from Catawba grapes.

How about some more WINE trivia: The number of grapes to make one bottle of wine is 736....

The speed of a cork of a champagne bottle is 25 miles per hour...

There is more alcohol in mouthwash than in wine....

Thomas Jefferson was the U.S. official wine advisory back in the day....

May 25th is National WINE Day...

A well-known study suggests that 100% of people who drink WINE are wine drinkers ( quite possibly whoever did this study must have already been drinking wine !!).

Writer Robert Louis Stevenson stated: WINE is bottled poetry.

Julia Child says: WINE is one of the agreeable and essential ingredients of life.

Benjamin Franklin said: In WINE there is wisdom, in beer there is freedom, in water there is bacteria.

Aunt Martha's birthstone is a WINE CORK. Twisting the cork screw is her daily aerobics. She told me that the other day when she was walking to the gym that is was so windy she got blown into the WINE store. A tip from Martha: add ICE to your WINE to keep hydrated.

My Cousin Patsy said that she personally has three different WINE glasses: Good Day, Bad Day and Don't Even Ask Day. She explains that: every box of raisons is a tragic story of grapes that could have been WINE.

Clarence has the good idea that if any of his friends go missing...he will put their pictures on WINE bottles.

Aunt Polly recently went to a local square dance and said that she drank so much wine that when she walked across the dance floor to get another glass...she won the dance competition.

Aunt Martha says WINE does not make you makes you LEAN....against tables, floors, walls and ugly people.

My Grandma Clara swears that she always cooks with WINE....sometimes she puts it in the FOOD. (After five glasses, she forgets why she was even in the kitchen!!

Uncle Festus says his doctor told him that a glass of WINE can extend his life. If that's the case, he's going to live FOREVER..!!

My certainly looks like WINE is my family's favorite beverage ! And that's OK.

Let's say this: WINE may not solve your problems but neither will water or milk. And by the way, Happy Birthday Aunt Martha...this article was ALL for YOU !! Enjoy your day!!

Now...All you Folks enjoy your week...keep smiling...take care of yourselves and your family....CHAT with you next week.


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