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When the Moon Hits the Sky Like a Big PIZZA PIE.... You tell 'em, Dean !

Can you Imagine the world without PIZZA ? Gosh, the most popular dish in the modern world is PIZZA !!
Originally spelled PITZA....this geometric food treat comes in a Square box, Round in shape with Triangular slices. And, of course....size does matter...who wants a SMALL PIZZA !

If you ever feel sad, there's a number you can call and a PIZZA will be there in 30 minutes. Nope, they haven't found a way to Download a pizza yet when you order one on the computer....but give 'em a chance. They have drones delivering Pizza one never knows what's next !!

Aunt Martha says there has never been a PIZZA she doesn't like. She woke up to drink some water the other night and ended up eating a whole PIZZA for a midnight snack. No wonder she wasn't hungry in the morning for breakfast ! Forget the flowers, this girl only asks for a PIZZA and a bottle of wine on all those special days.

I heard that Hillary Clinton ordered a PIZZA for a snack...the pizza cashier asked her : Do you want it cut into 6 or 12 pieces? Hillary replied: Oh, six pieces please...I could never eat 12...! (By the way Hillary, OPEN BOX BEFORE EATING.)

Did you know that the risk of esophageal cancer is reduced significantly if PIZZA is consumed at least once a week....?! Uncle Festus knows all about that...but kinda does an overload eating it...I mean, his beer belly has been replaced by a PIZZA PAUNCH ! He says he's into Fit-Ness whole PIZZA in my mouth. (What a Weird-DOUGH !) He eats so much of this Pie that when he goes to order they ask him: How many do you want? ....and he asks: How many do you have ?

How about some Pie-In-The-Eye History? We can thank the ancient Greeks for inventing PIZZA. (er..PITZA). They would bake flat and round large breads and top with veggies, spices and olive oil. By the 18th century Italy became the first commercial seller of PIZZA by street vendors in Naples.Those Pies were made with basil, mozzarella cheese and tomatoes. After World War II, America, England, France and Spain put PIZZA in the
mainstream of their diets.

National PIZZA month is October. The Most PIZZAS are sold on Halloween, the night before Thanksgiving, New Years Eve and Super Bowl Sunday. Saturday night is the most popular night for chompin' the Pie.

The first Pizzeria was first opened in 1905 in New York by Gennaro Lombardi. Frozen PIZZA came along in 1957 by the Celentano Brothers. And there's more: Shakey's in 1954, Sbarro 1956, Sir Pizza 1957, Pizza Hut 1959, Domino's 1960, Hungry Howies and Little Ceasars 1973,
Rocky Rococo 1974, Papa John's 1984....and on and on.

My Cousin Clarence opened his PIZZA parlor a few years's called: Mr. No Jangles. Clarence is a great chef and twirls that Pie like a champ. All his PIZZAS are great except for always burning the Hawaiian one...he needs to put it in on a-lo-ha temperature. His pet
Aardvark especially loves the ANT-chovies !

Aunt Joy says that technically PIZZA is a salad. The sauce is tomatoes and onions and the crust is basically a big crouton. Overall, she and Uncle Josh are basically hamburger people, but they really do enjoy Mr. No Jangles PIZZA .

Cousin Marvin eats so much PIZZA his freckles look like pepperonis !

Even our dog, Max has his own doggie PIZZA called Heaven Scent made with flour, carrots, celery and parmesan. He shares with his buddy, Cinnamon. A big shout out to Cinnamon's owners: Tina and Ken !!

Well, now I've done it...I am dying for a PIZZA...Hey, JD, I need for you to run into town and pick up dinner....!! Oh, he's going to love me for that !!

I hope ALL of you folks continue to enjoy PIZZA .... it's the USA favorite pick-me-up that puts a smile on our faces !! Hope you are enjoying your summer and making it special for your families !! Hey...have a PIZZA party !! Chat with you next week...HUGS,

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