State Coordinator ‘Sings’ Praises Of Local Election Officials

State of Tennessee election officials are literally singing the praises of local officials across the state, including Cannon County.

“Voters did a great job showing photo ID in our state because we got the message out there – over and over,” said State HAVA (Help America Vote Act) Coordinator Wayne B. Pruett.

“I am not a good singer but I was singing in the shower this morning because for the first time in recent history all 95 CEO’s (county election officials) had numbers to the state before midnight. That is one major goal we had hopes for and 95 AOE’s and staff “got it done.” Yeee Haaa! That is a wonderful summary of all the efforts of 95 Counties.”

Cannon County did not have many contested races of a large number of voters participating in the presidential and GOP primary elections, but according to Administrator of Elections Stan Dobson local voting took place with few problems.

“We had a few glitches with machinery but that can be expected,” Dobson said.

In the local GOP primary, former county commissioner Rebekah Parton received 156 votes in her bid for a District 4 commission seat, while Keith Morris had 734 votes cast for him to run in the County General Election in August. Neither candidate faced a challenger in their respective primaries.