Sheriff's Department Investigates Fraudulent Car Sale Report

Cannon County Sheriff's Deputy Anthony Young and Investigator Vance Walker investigated the reported fraudulent sale of a car, a 1997 Honda Passport, on May 25 and 26, respectively.

Young was dispatched to 7641 Hollow Springs Road, Bradyville, on May 25. Upon arrival he spoke with Tracy Winters. He asked her if she had sold a 1997 Honda Accord to Karen Anderson, 1225 Simpson Rd., Woodbury. She stated that her husband, Michael Winters, sold the vehicle to Anderson for $850 and that she had written the receipt for the vehicle and given it to Anderson.

In response to questioning, Mrs. Winters told Young she was not aware that there was a lien on the vehicle at the time of the sale. She said she and her husband had purchased the vehicle several years ago and she assumed it was paid off. She said her husband had left her for another woman and that he had not been paying the mortgage and it was in foreclosure and was due to sell by the weekend. Mrs. Winters further stated she was in the process of getting a divorce.

Investigator Walker followed up with Mrs. Winters the next day. She said the vehicle had been registered to them but she did not have the title or know where it was. Walker advised Winters that without a title, the new owner (Anderson) could not register the vehicle or file for a lost title.

Walker then went to speak with Anderson. While there, he searched the vehicle, obtained the VIN number, and through dispatch, learned it had a lien on it from Washington Mutual. Anderson said she wanted to keep the vehicle but she also wanted to be able to get a title for it.

Upon returning to the sheriff's office, Walker learned through research that Washington Mutual had been purchased by Chase. He contacted Chase and learned that the lien was inactive and that he (Walker) could file for a lien release. Walker answered the appropriate questions and the Chase representative stated that as long as the lien was inactive she could mail Walker a lien release to give to the Anderson.

• Deputy Tommy Barker responded to a dispute between neighbors Russell Elmer Johnson, 2008 Dement Hollow Dr., Readyville, and James Adam Senart, 2000 Dement Hollow Rd., Readyville, on May 26. Johnson stated that his family and his neighbors have had words in the past and he wanted a report generated due to receiving verbal threats from them in the past.

• Darrell S. West of 5613 McMinnville Hwy., Woodbury, was charged with domestic assault and possession of drug paraphernalia on May 27 following an incident at his home. Deputies Patrick Fann and Eric Moss handled the call.

• Deputy Steve McMillen was dispatched to the area of McMahan Rd. on May 24 for a report of an equipment fire. Upon arrival he observed a Bobcat Loader on fire in a field on McMahan Rd. There was no one in the area to claim ownership of the equipment. McMillen stayed on the scene until the fire was extinguished by the fire department. Damage was estimated at $1,000.

• Deputy Anthony Young responded to a call from Kay Peeler of 2666 G.L. Peeler Lane, Woodbury, on May 29. Peeler stated she was having problems with Troy Hale, 530 Jimtown Rd., Woodbury, coming onto her property. Peeler stated Hale was going to a mobile home which is located on her property and owned by her, without her permission. She said Hale was also bringing other people with him to the mobile home. Peeler said she wanted Hale to be told she did not want him on her property again. Young told Peeler he would try to contact Hale to advise him of her wishes.

• Joshua Paul Smith turned himself in to the Sheriff's Department on May 25, 2010. He had a warrant out on him for violation of probation.