Rumors About Cannon County Sheriff Are Just That

With the election season fast approaching, rumors are beginning to spread concerning who will be seeking reelection in 2010, and who will not be.

According to Cannon County Sheriff's Department Public Information Officer Andy Bryson, he was asked this morning by the operator of a local Web site if Cannon County Sheriff Billy Nichols was resigning.

Bryson reports that Sheriff Nichols has no plan to resign from the position, and adds that the sheriff will be seeking reelection in next year's General Election on Aug. 5.

"The sheriff said he would be at the Election Commission Office on Monday, January 4 to pick up his qualifying papers if there was any doubt," Bryson said.

The Courier heard a rumor as well last week that Sheriff Nichols would not be seeking reelection, but decided against reporting on it because it did not consider the person providing the information an informed source.