Roast becomes toast

Charlie Harrell, President of the Friends of the Library, announces the upcoming Annual Roast for the Friends. The Adams Memorial Library is celebrating her 50th year of operation in Cannon County.

This year, The Friends will honor Dr. and Mrs. J.F. Adams with a Toast, rather than a Roast. The Annual Roast provides the Friends with monies to assist the Library in various ways.

Dr. and Mrs. Adams were a great influence in Cannon County during the 20th century, and that influence is still being felt with those to whom Dr. Adams gave birth and doctored, as well as many who are recipients of his financial impact.

Several of Dr. and Mrs. Adams' family will be present to share their tales of life with their father and mother or grandfather and grandmother: Fred Adams, John Holland, Angie Ott, and a member of the Ose Family will be in Woodbury for the occasion, as well as Steve Smith whose father Bill Smith was a close family friend.

The event will be held at Cannon County High School Cafeteria on Thursday night, April 20th, at 7 p.m. Cost of the tickets are $25 per person, and may be purchased at the Library.