Rescue Squad celebrates note burning


Recently, Cannon County Rescue Squad responders celebrated with a note-burning ceremony. The Rescue Squad had a loan for search-and-rescue equipment, including a 2008 Ford F250 4X4. First National Bank held the title on the loan and during the recent ceremony, Squad responders burned a copy of the payoff notice from the bank. The Cannon County Rescue Squad is now totally debt free!

The 2008 Ford F250 was purchased as a support vehicle to transport the search-and-rescue mobile command trailer which was purchased in mid-2011. “We are so glad to pay this note off and be debt free,” said Michael Underhill, Captain/Chief Executive Officer of the Rescue Squad. Captain Underhill went on to say, “We are fortunate that we have added to our response capabilities. This would not be possible without the support of local businesses, the county and city governments, and our loyal donors.”

Tim Bell, Chief Operating Officer, said, “We are thankful that the community supports our life-saving work. We are funded mostly through donations and fundraising. However, the local city and county governments have financially supported our work and we are more successful now that we have ever been. We especially want to thank our donors that contribute money every year to help us sustain our operations. Without local funding, we could not provide the level of service that we deliver to the community.”

For more information on becoming a donor or a volunteer responder with the Cannon County Rescue Squad, check out our website at and contact Michael Underhill CEO at 615-904-5002 or by email at