Rep. Pody sworn in

 The House of Representatives today officially gaveled into session, marking the beginning of the 108th General Assembly in Tennessee. Representative Mark Pody(R-Lebanon) took the oath of office this week in Nashville and was officially sworn into the Tennessee House of Representatives.

Legislators are looking to build upon the success of the previous session that saw wasteful government spending cut from the budget, taxes cut for all Tennesseans, measures passed to encourage job growth, and numerous government reforms.
“I am so honored to be serving the people of Cannon, Wilson, and DeKalb in the Tennessee General Assembly,” stated Representative Pody. “I look forward to working with my colleagues to find solutions for the pressing concerns of Tennesseans.”
Lawmakers have already signaled clear goals of balancing the budget, lowering the grocery tax, and ensuring every Tennessee student has access to a high quality education.
Pody continued, “This will be a very productive year and I believe Tennesseans are going to be proud of their representatives. Unlike our peers in Washington, we get the job done.”
Speaker Harwell added, “It is a pleasure guiding the House of Representatives and working alongside talented individuals like Mark Pody gives me confidence we’re going to accomplish a great deal this session.”