Recent Woodbury Police Department Reports

9/15/09 — Billie Jo Simmons reported a stolen red Wal-Mart lawn mower and bags of cans. The items were possibly brought to Pelham's Auto Salvage and recycled. There is an ongoing investigation.

9/19/09 — William David Sweeney was arrested for DUI 1st offense and violation of implied consent law.

9/20/09 — Around 2 A.M. Robert Gene Stafford's lights were turned off and he was assaulted in his home.

9/22/09 — Maxine Dawson reported a missing wallet after receiving notice of suspicious activity from her credit card company.

9/24/09 — Pleas Edward Shultz was arrested and charged with DUI 5th offense after landing his car in a ditch.

9/29/09 — Kim Davenport reported an attempted theft of her motorcycle. Investigation is ongoing.

10/1/09 — Allison Blair was charged with theft of $52.20 in items from Dollar General.

10/1/09 — Sheenia Lee Grant was arrested for driving with a suspended license after being observed driving by a WPD officer.

10/2/09 — Joyce Weissee reported an attempted break in to her home.

10/2/09 — A motorcycle belonging to Barry Rogers was likely stolen and taken for a joyride and later recovered in a ditch with tampered ignition and other damage. The investigation is ongoing.

10/3/09 — Daniel K Lindeman was charged with driving on a revoked license, 5th offense.

10/3/09 — Jessica Walls was charged with driving on a suspended license, possession of schedule III substance with the intent to deliver, and the possession of legend drugs without prescription.

10/3/09 — Monty Schultz reported a burglary in his shop. Items stolen include a 41" Vizio TV, two samson microphones, and a black and decker flashlight.

10/4/09 — Regina Lynn Farless was stopped for expired tags. She was unable to prove financial responsibility and her license was suspended.

10/4/09 — Patricia Ann Snyder was arrested for driving on revoked license 2nd offense.