Real estate transfers total $3 million

Register of Deeds Debbie Morris has recorded 34 real estate transfers for January 2013.

Those transfer of deeds include:

Richard A. Northcutt Revocable Living Trust to Ryan Watson, house and lot on Murfreesboro Road, $36,076.00.

Demetrois Lambidonis, et ux to Michael D. George, et ux, 10.92 acres off Parker Road, $48,000.

Joe Don Merriman, et ux to Robert W. McClure, Jr., house and tract on Short Mountain Road, $101,850.

Thomas Smith, et ux to Lindsey Sullivan, house and lot #16, Georgetown Estates, Sec. II, $136,000.

Jason Winchester, et ux to George Paul Davis, house and 10.08 acres on Cherry Springs Road, $170,000.

D. Russell Thomas, et ux to French Jernigan, et ux, 27.77 acres on Bradyville Pike, $88,864.

William H. Bryson, Clerk & Master to Mike Weems, et ux, lot #6, Hickory Ridge Estates, Phase I, $31,000.

Shapiro & Kirsch, LLP, Substitute Trustee to LPP Mortgage LTD, tract on Pleasant Ridge Road, $38,400.

Holly Nicole Stone, et al, to  Betty Ann Grissom, et al, tract on Peeler Hill Road, $58,954.18.

Reconstruct Company, N.A., Substitute Trustee to Bank of America, N.A., house and lot #55, Mason Subdivision, $37,400.

Wilson & Associates, PLLC, Successor Trustee to Federal National Mortgage Association, house and .3 acre on Hills Creek Road, $123,797.32.

Todd Construction to Aaron Sissom, et ux, house and lot #3, Ward Acres, $104,000.

Mike Melton, et ux to Jacob Wright, 2 acres on Sunny Slope Road, $28,000.

Reconstruct Company, N.A. to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, house and tract on Smith Road, $149,431.10.

T.E. Tilford Enterprises to Sandra M. Belcher, house and lot on Parker Street, $60,000.

Deborah J. Hensley, et vir to Nathaniel L. Cook, et ux, house and 1 acre on Peeler Hill Road, $136,900.

D. Russell Thomas, et ux to Kendall D. Watts, house and 1.84 acres on Bradyville Pike, $88,000.

Dean Charles Sahman, et al to Robert Scott Shambaugh, 25.33 acres on Clear Fork Creek, $45,000.

Hoyte G. Rains to Cathie D. Taylor, .69 acre on Jim Cummings Highway, $28,500.

Fannie Mae to Todd Construction, house and lot #6, Hidden Valley Estates, $67,500.

Cathy Kelch, et vir to William E. Maynard, house and 1 acre on Hollow Springs Road, $149,900.

Lester Family Partnership to Justin Ortkiese et ux, house and 5.02 acres on Hollow Springs Road, $81,000.

Lee Vinson to Travis Howell, house and lot #11, Maple Crest Subdivision, $91,900.

Larry Milligan, et al to Jessie M. Ferrell, 1.11 acres on McMinnville Hwy., $16,000.

Larry Milligan, et al. to Jessie M. Ferrell, house and 11.58 acres on McMinnville Highway, $95,000.

Charles Daniel Prather, et ux to Joseph Pugh, et ux, house and 10.97 acres  on Lake Hollow Road, $335,000.

Wilson & Associates, PLLC, Substitute Trustee to JP Morgan Chase Bank, N.A., house and lot on Bradyville Road, $80,750.

Timothy L. Akers, et ux to Stanley E. Knight, et ux, house and lot #2, Fair Oaks Subdivision, $110,000.

Wendyl Bryan, et al to Fred E. Hollis, et ux, house and lot on Adams Street, $47,000.

Donald Smith, et al to Roy D. McCord, et ux, 10 acres on George Scott Road, $20,000.

Wilson & Associates, P.L.L.C. to Federal National Mortgage Association, house and 5 acres on Hollis Creek Road, $180,000.

Michael B. Insell, et ux to Robert S. Brewer, house and 9.50 acres on Auburntown Road, $164,000.

Shapiro & Kirsch, LLP, Substitute Trustee to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., house and lot #11, River View Estates, $64,051.93.

Federal National Mortgage Association to James Foote, et al, house and 3 acres on Sugar Tree Knob Road, $45,300.

Definition of words

et ux - and wife

et vir - and husband

et al - and others