Police Probe Reports Of Theft, Vandalism

The following incident reports were recently filed by officers of the Woodbury Police Department:

• Woodbury Patrolman Patrick Fann was dispatched to 519 Bryant Lane on Nov. 12 in reference to a theft that had already occurred. Upon arrival he spoke with Charles Coleman, who stated his son went out in the backyard of their apartment to play and saw that the drawers of a toolbox located there were open and some of the tools were missing, along with a cooler which had been sitting beside it. Patrolman Fann looked around the area but did not see any sign of the tools. He spoke with several neighbors, but none reported seeing anything out of the ordinary.

• Woodbury Police Sgt. John House was dispatched to McDonald’s on a vandalism call on Nov. 17. Upon arrival he spoke with the victim, Ashley Ramsey. Ramsey stated she was told by Kaitlyn Ferrell that someone in an orange Honda Element threw a brick at her car and it hit the rear bumper. Sgt. House observed a piece of cinder block lying on the ground behind the vehicle and some paint knocked off the rear bumper. Sgt. House spoke with Ferrell, who stated she was in her boyfriend’s truck and saw the orange vehicle drive by her car and the passenger rolled down the window and threw the brick, striking the rear bumper.

A short time later, WPD Patrolman John Fesmire was dispatched to McDonald’s to meet with Lt. Grisham of the Rutherford County Sheriff’s Department (who was off duty) in reference to vandalism. Sgt. House had taken a report of vandalism there within the hour. In that case, an occupant in an orange Honda Element had thrown a brick at a car in the parking lot. Upon arrival, Patrolman Fesmire met with Lt. Grisham, who told him some kids had come to him to report a vandalism and he (Grisham) in turned called Cannon County Dispatch.

Patrolman Fesmire first spoke with Kayla Albrecht, who said she was a witness. Albrecht said she saw an orange Honda Element speed back and forth through the parking lot, she heard a loud noise, then saw a brick next to the victim’s car. The victim was Steven Mooneyham. The brick struck his vehicle on the trunk lid and left dents and scratches.

Patrolman Fesmire patrolled the area heavily and watched traffic for the next hour but made no contact with the suspect vehicle. At approximately 9:30 p.m. the sheriff’s department was dispatched to the 4000 block of Pleasant Ridge Road in reference to a suspicious vehicle which was driving back and forth. The vehicle was described as a rust-colored Honda Element and is believed to be the same vehicle. No contact was made with the vehicle and it was last seen heading toward Auburntown.

• Jeremy and Sheena Grant reported the theft of a 1997 Yamaha 350 Banshee 4-Wheeler to the Woodbury Police Dept. on Nov. 21. Jeremy Grant said he had been working on it the day before but stopped when it began to rain and covered it with a tarp. When he returned from work the next morning the tarp was in the driveway and the ATV was missing. Grant said he removed all of the plastic while he was working on the ATV and left them in the back of his truck. The plastic parts were still there. Sgt. Lowell Womack went to the scene to investigate. He spoke with several neighbors who said they did not hear to see anything suspicious. The incident is still under investigation.

• Bob Beagle went to the Woodbury Police Department on Nov. 21 to report that someone had pried the lid off the used cooking oil tank beside DJ’s Pizza and Steakhouse. Beagle stated he had an employee check the tank on Nov. 10. He stated when he arrived on Nov. 21 the lid had been pried open. Beagle said he did not know if any used cooking oil had been taken. He said he had only recently taken over the account and that it could have been done by the prior company, someone making biodiesel, or just random vandalism. Damage was estimated at around $25.