'Old-Timers' At West Side Celebrate 100

'Old-Timers' At West Side Celebrate 100
The students in Mrs. Rita's and Mr. Duncan’s Kindergarten classes at West Side School have been celebrating 100 Days of School with many exciting activities.

 The students have enjoyed learning all about 100 in many different ways.

Some of the activities they participated in were: 100 autographs, 100 counting club, making an object using 100 items and writing to 100.
The students also dressed up, showing how they thought they'd look when they turned 100 years old.      
Pictured are students: (first row) Ethan Adams, Charlee Nichols, Emma Morten, Gaige Turner  and (second row) Ethan Simon, Dan Wimberly, Ty Mullins, Kaden Thomas, Dylan Hoover, Tyler Gunter, Joshua Jernigan.