Oct. warranty deeds total $2.1M

Register of Deeds Sandy Hollandsworth has recorded twenty six real estate transfer for the month of October which total $2,185,475.00. Those transfer of deeds included:

Steven Ray and Esther E. Edwards sold to Matthew C. and Lynda M. Viertel in the 2nd district, 2181 Murfreesboro Road, Woodbury, $283,500.00.

James and Carolyn Butcher sold to Samuel Fabozzi in the 5th district, $25,000.00.

Glenn H. and Debra C. Davis sold to William R. and Megan Davis in the 5th district, $1,000.00.

Justin H. and Brittany Paige Holt sold to James R. Smith in the 6th district, 310 Rivendell Road, Woodbury, $136,500.00.

Rodney M. Scott (Substitute Trustee) and John A. Bryant (Foreclosure) sold to Franklin Synergy Bank in the 6th district, $10,000.00.

David and Sybil Gunter sold to James E. and Helen Johnson in the 9th district, 8591 Short Mountain Road, Woodbury, $161,000.00.

Justin D. and Jennifer R. Jacobs sold to Charles E. and Karol A. Swantak in the 12th district, 191 Choctaw Drive, Bradyville, $119,000.00.

Andrew W. Spraggins sold to George and Mary Furbush in the 12th district, 26 Jared Trail, Bradyville, $83,000.00.

Dan W. and Sandy M. Bogle, Fred M (POA) and Virgil Clark Tenpenny sold to Fred Tenpenny in the 1st district, 828 B. Tenpenny Road, Woodbury, $90,000.00.

Shapiro and Kirsch LLP (Substitute Trustee) and John and Rhonda Roy (Foreclosure) sold to Bank of New York Mellon in the 1st district 5357 Murfreesboro Road, Readyville, $110,415.00.

Jimmy W. Porter Estate and Susie Carol Dickinson (Executrix) sold to Evleyn B. Jones in the 4th district, $37,000.00.

Mae Fannie and Federal National Mortgage Association sold to Rovin and Allie Rhodes in the 8th district, 671 Manustown Road, Woodbury, $68,750.00.

Arna P. and Teena Smithson sold to Joshua Blair and Lauren Brown in the 5th district, 908 Carole Anne Drive, $87,500.00.

Ronald E. and Donna Sue Howse sold to Amanda Gwen Cagle in the 6th district, Hayes Street, $154,000.00.

Wilson and Associates PLLC Sub. Trustee, Ashley Taylor (Foreclosure), and Sherry Lynn Taylor (Foreclosure) sold to John R. and John A. Higgins in the 6th district, 92 Towers Lane, $81,750.00.

Mae Fannie and Federal National Mortgage Association sold to Nathaniel and Jennifer Wanner in the 7th district, 41 Mason Hollow Road, Woodbury, $52,000.00.

Wilson and Associates PLLC and Larry W. and Julie M. Thomas (Foreclosure) sold to JPMorgan Chase Bank National Association in the 12th district, 6474 Dug Hollow Road, Bradyville, $79,560.00.

George Anagnostou sold to Myra McCarthy in the 6th district, 107 W. Parker Street, $52,000.00.

Jimmy Wayne Porter Estate and Susie Carol Dickinson (Executrix) sold to Lindell and Robin Cox in the 12th district, 344 Tolbert Hollow Road, Bradyville, $50,000.00.

First National Bank of Manchester sold to Michael and Tracy S. Kerwin in the 6th district, $75,000.00.

James Phillip Smith sold to Ryan and Katie Jo Hanes in the 1st district, $34,500.00.

Wilburn Mark and Katrina Smithson, and David and Conchita Smithson Watts sold to Larry W. Campbell in the 6th district, 157 Hill Creek Road, $75,000.00.

Robert Dru and Rachel Smith sold to Christopher and April Harris in the 5th district, 865 Odell Powell Road, Woodbury, $130,000.00.

The Secretary of Veterans Affairs sold to Phillip A. and Jessica L. Swack in the 2nd district, 272 Rains Ridge Road, Woodbury, $41,500.00.

Gerry and Rita Nokes sold to Lori Ann Blanton in the 9th district, 2472 Blanton School Road, Woodbury, $103,500.00.

Donnie R. Estes sold to Cody D. and Hannah D. Kennedy in the 15th district, 151 Freedom Hill Lane, Woodbury, $44,000.00.