News from the Mountain


Good thing I got the yards mowed yesterday as this Thursday morning rain is steadily falling with a breezy wind and a temperature in the sixties compared to the high being around 80 degrees yesterday. We can't seem to get out of this rainy pattern for some reason.

Heard on the TV this morning of another store clerk being murdered at a Nashville gas station. Just a clerk trying to do his job and some low life coming in and killing him makes me sick to my stomach. Some common sense is needed and needed badly I feel. In the past when other tragedies like this have happened, I've wondered just how many innocent people have to die before the store owners get a brain transplant. I have an opinion on how this kind of senseless killing could be curtailed and this is just my opinion. There should be at least one other person in that store who is armed and watching closely those that come into the establishment and are trained to know when something bad is gonna happen, then take that a criminal out of existence by shooting him before he has the chance to kill the clerk. When a person starts waving a gun around in a convenience store, a bank, or other place of business, they are taking their own life into their hands. Adding more personnel to protect your employee's and your business is a win win situation. People want to feel safe when they go into a store and you know as well as I do, if they know some individual is watching out for their safety by way of an undercover officer or other person scouting the store, they'll keep coming into that store and buying its products. One person tending a store is a target tor those that want to break the law and rob the store. When the odds are shifted to the public's welfare, criminals will take notice. Please pray for Mr. John Stevens grieving family that is left behind. This kind of tragedy could have been most likely prevented, if human life had been put above profit.

Carlon Melton is in the hospital with pneumonia at this time. Please keep Carlon in your prayers and also Mai Nell. Others to be on your prayer list: Charlie Mai Daniel, and Denise Stanton.

Mountain behind our house now has greened up to the very top. Such a lovely sight this Tuesday afternoon. Outside on the patio the place to be. Neighbors have been mowing their yards and are now week eating. A tractor in the field across the road in high gear it seems. Summertime sounds going on all around me. Been waiting for this kind of weather for a long time and the sounds that come along with it.

Shifting to aliens, there has been a big blow up with Clyde, Bobby, and the aliens. Gonna stretch that grapevine and just hope it doesn't break to get the low down on what's happened to get so many feathers ruffled. As best I can surmise, the aliens want to sing and play ahead of Clyde and Bobby at the next Gunter Reunion on September 3rd. Bobby told them they couldn't do that as they've not been invited. That's all it took to have a commotion started for sure with the little aliens. There will probably have to be a compromise of some sort as Clyde has said he's gonna back out of the event if he's not got the 'top billing'. Bobby's upset now, because he wasn't included in that top billing Clyde was talking about.

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For God is not the author of confusion, but of peace. - I Corinthians 14:33