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Friday and we've been getting some super-fast downpours of rain the past couple of days lasting less than one minute by my record keeping. By all accounts, the rain gauge hasn't been getting a workout at all. Now Sunday is supposed to be our big rain event. We'll see and of course, we'll have our fingers crossed as we do need rain. Remarkably on this Sunday night a little after nine o'clock it simply opened up and poured the rain here at our house. Twas music to my ears as I thought we were going to miss getting much rain at all from the system that was coming through. Wish I had put out that new rain gauge I purchased last summer, before the rain finally arrived here. You know though every good thing that is really important takes time to get done so I guess there's no need to get in a hurry or fret about it. Today is Monday and the rain gauge is now in place and ready for any rainfall to arrive and I'll know exactly how much rain we get the next go around.

I'm sure there are people you think about every now and then and you have such warm and beautiful thoughts of them as you may have known them for what seems forever. Last week I spoke with Mrs. Mary Henegar for quite a while and marveled at how she is that same delightful person I've known for a lot of years now and hasn't changed a bit. She is now "85" years old and will be "86" on her birthday September 27th. Soft-spoken lady she has always been and with that beautiful smile always, and caring qualities in her that I wish a lot of us had. Now that you know her birthday, go to your calendar and write in her big day on September 27th and circle it in red so you don't overlook it and give her a call on that day. Hope she gets a ton of calls for the wonderful Christian lady she is. Yes, I will be calling her myself to wish her a very Happy Birthday.

We do have some birthdays of not in this month of June: Beverly Hubler 3rd, my brother Norman Warren 13th, Gunter Pitts 16th, Brenda Underwood 16th, Mrs. Mason Judkins 23rd, my brother O. L. Warren 25th, nephew James Pedigo 29th, and Tracy Hullett 30th.

Before I forget, Clyde has told me these "little green men" are on vacation this week in the Bahamas of all places. Good news for all of us don't you think?
Many moons ago, had the rare opportunity of lifetime I guess to be in attendance at a Nascar face at Bristol. Somehow yous truly talked into making the trip to this famour race as Aubrey was given two tickets by his niece as her and her husband couldn't make it to the event. You know when you have that deep down feeling you are going to regret this later, well, that was what was on mind, but did I act on that - of course not. I didn't go with enthusiasm - I just went knowing, I was doing this for Aubrey as he loved watching Dale Earnhardt race as that was his favorite driver. Really our whole family loved the "Intimidator" as he was called. He could always add such excitement to a race like no other driver could. We were up so high in those stands I felt like I could touch one of those clouds above us if I chose to. After a while, there was this aroma in the air that I about choke on, as it wasn't coming from my Diet Dr. Pepper, but a different smell of something from a lot stronger beverage prevailing throughout the whole place as there were a whole bunch of people surrounding us there as you can imagine. Somehow I survived this with prayer. After the race was over and we were struggling back down the bleachers to the earth's floor again, the soreness, aches and pains were already settling in on us. Thought that would happen the next day. Dale didn't win the face that day but he was always a winner in our book by just getting on the race track. Getting to our vehicle a lot of walking had to be done. Both us, not going at any kind of a fast pace at all. I was sort of hobbling as my left let didn't want to cooperate. Tuckered out probably describes how bad it was for us both. Bot to thinking about how you put down a horse if it's leg is in too bad a shape and just hoping no one else in the crowd of people were thinking that about me. Also, as I was so worn out, I was remembering that story by Jerry Clowers about the wreck with all those hogs - and that trooper going up to teach hog and you would hear a kaboom, and then another kaboom, and another kaboom. The trooper then turning to Jery Clowers asking him if he was okay and he quickly said he was just fine (he would have said that is he had been half dead) after he had witnessed what had happened to all those hogs- anyone would have. No one would have put me down I guess as I'm sure there were no concealed weapons in all those thousands upon thousands of people at the trace. You probably already knew that, too, didn't you?

Please keep these people in prayer: Kathy Martin, Trena Curtis, Denise Stanton, Edith Miller Jeff Brown, and Joann Braswell.
If you have any news for the column, just give me a call at 615-563-4429. Have a great day!
Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness: for they shall be filled. Matthew 5:6

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