News from the Mountain


What a fabulous week of sunshine and blue skies to get you in the mood to get some work done outside. Of course, a person needs to get out early before it gets too hot on you, then take a break like I do inside the house and clean on it, and get back out later in the day, when the heat isn't so bad. I'm not complaining as all that cold weather kept me so bundled up in the house it was hard to move in those extra clothes. I am so enjoying this freedom of movement outside with this warmer weather and the fresh air. We deserve this kind of weather, after the long terribly cold winter we've had.

Left out Cousin Peggy/ the diva having a big birthday on May 20th. A happy birthday Peggy I wish for you and hope you are showered with beautiful gifts and most of all love for the wonderful girl you are.

Please keep these people in prayer: Edith Miller, Jeff Brown, Carlon and Mai Nell Melton, Kathy Martin, Trena Curtis, Bernie Braswell, and Denise Stanton.

Wanted to give you a little tidbit and the most important reason as to why I keep writing about the little green men so you will hopefully understand and hope some of you can grasp how doing the best you can by others instead of yourself makes you feel just a little bit better inside. I wrote in the column November 19th of last year about this beautiful lady Joanne Shipper from the Statesville community in Wilson County that had called me about her dad. I did not tell you Mr. Dewey Corley was blind and he could not read the Courier that he received each week. Well, he I so blessed to have a daughter that reads the paper to him and I'm sure she does so many other countless things for him, because she loves him. She told me he can hardly wait to get the Courier and wants her to find the column and see what's been written about those little green men. It makes his day she told me and don't we all want to do some good to someone and give them something to look forward to, especially if they couldn't see? I understand so well what Joanne was telling me about her dad as my mom couldn't see either and how much it was my absolute pleasure to read to her anything she wanted me to read whether it be cards, papers, or the Courier. If it was your mom or dad or any other loved one that couldn't see, what would you do to make them have a brighter day? I haven't talked to Joanne in a while. Do hope Mr. Corley is still with use. At the core of this - do what you can if you've been given from God the opportunity to make a small difference in your little part of the world to not think of yourself but of others and the misfortunes they are going through. You just might make their day, too.

Other people telling me they love the little green guys and all the silliness about them that is supposedly going on as it keeps them from dwelling so much on their problems. We all need a break from the daily routine of life at times.

Remember you'll never please everyone - so don't even try - it's not worth it. People with an optimistic attitude are the ones you love and want to have around you because they care and aren't griping or putting people down or trying to hurt them. People that are living for the Lord really don't have the time for that kind of foolishness in the first place, sine they are concentrating on Him and not themselves.

If you have any news for the column, just give me a call at (615) 563-4429. Have a great day!

"I am the resurrection, and the life: he that believeth in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live."
John 11: 25