Medical Examiner: SAVE Victims Of Abuse


Unfortunately, I as a physician, and the Cannon County Medical Examiner, have seen an increase in Domestic Violence in our area.

Adults and children are being threatened and abused to the point, that I am concerned for their lives at times. It seems as we see an increase in drug and substance abuse that our society seems to be unable to effectively punish or stop this problem. I have seen the abusers in our area assume no responsibility for their actions.

We do have in our county, an organization that has helped the victims of this sad situation. The SAVE group has a hard working leader and a group of helpers to step in and save the victims of abuse.

This organization needs our help to protect the abused, educate the community, and work with other agencies in Middle Tennessee to make life better and safer for our citizens. I have found SAVE has a great working relationship with other counties and areas to obtain help and training from these agencies to help our Canon County citizens.

Please help this agency so they can help our citizens.

Thank you,

Dr. Leon Reuhland

EDITOR’S NOTE: Dr. Reuhland read this letter to the Cannon County Commission when it met April 16 and urged its members to provide funding for SAVE. For more information about the domestic violence organization and how you can help, visit