Man Suffers Consequence Of Breaking Sheriff's Policy

Sheriff Darrell Young has a no tobacco products policy at the Cannon County Jail. Earlier this week a man learned there are consequences to breaking that policy.

Chase W. Pelham was charged with introducing contraband into a penal institution on Monday (May 23) by Sheriff Young.

According to the incident report, Pelham came to the Cannon County Jail on May 21 to serve a weekend sentence. While being booked, Corrections Officers Jordan McGee and Billy Mingle discovered among Pelham’s personal effects a black object containing tobacco, rolling papers and matches.

The corrections officers notified the jail administrator. While reading the report of the incident, Sheriff Young was aware of prior incidents of the same nature involving Pelham bringing tobacco into the jail and knew he had been warned not to do so again.

Sheriff Young has instituted a no tobacco products policy at the jail. Pelham told Sheriff Young if he did not bring charges he would not bring tobacco to the jail again. Sheriff Young advised Pelham he had his chance and had already been warned of the consequences.