Man Becomes Upset, Threatens Family, Friends With Knife

A man who became upset when his mother refused to drive him someplace was charged with aggravated assault recently.

On May 2 at approximately 11:48 p.m., Cannon County Sheriff’s deputies Steve McMillen and Reed Bryson responded to 240 Blue Hill Rd. for a report of a domestic in progress that involved a knife.

Upon arrival Deputy McMillen spoke with Susan Brown, mother of Brandon Brown, in the front yard of the residence. She said that Brandon was upset because he asked her to take him to Sycamore Creek and she told him no, because it was getting late.

While speaking with Susan, Brandon was standing beside a vehicle in the driveway. He was getting loud and disruption to the point where Deputy McMillen had to raise his voice to tell him to be quiet.

At this point Deputy McMillen spoke with the complainant, Josh Oudias. Oudrias stated that Susan called him and asked him if he could come to her house and try to see if he could calm down Brandon. Oudias stated while he was talking to Brandon, Brandon was holding his right hand behind his back as if he were trying to hide something.

Oudias said Brandon then went to the kitchen and got a steak knife, then came back to the living room and started arguing with him again while holding the knife down at his side in a hostile manner, placing Oudias in fear for his safety.

Deputy McMillan then spoke with Brandon, who said he asked his mother to take him to Sycamore Creek and she wouldn’t. He said he became upset and started arguing with her and also Oudias and did admit to getting a knife.

The deputy then placed Brandon under arrest for aggravated assault. After Deputy McMillen placed him in handcuffs, Brandon asked if he was going to jail. When the deputy told him he was, Brandon said he would get to do to the hospital. When asked why, he did not say he had a medical condition at that time.

While en route to the jail, Brandon said he wanted to kill himself, at which point Deputy McMillen decided to take him to Stones River Hospital E/R.

While at the E/R, a crisis prevention nurse came to evaluate Brandon. Following the evaluation, the nurse informed the deputy Brandon made the statement during the exam that the only reason he said he wanted to kill himself was so he would not have to go to jail. She recommended Brandon be monitored and placed on watch for manipulative behavior.

He was transported to the jail and booked after being served an arrest warrant.

The charge against him was dismissed in Cannon County General Sessions Court on May 5 when the state declined to prosecute.