Lookout for phone scam involving electricity cut-off

There is a phone scam happening in our area where a caller pretends to represent Middle Tennessee Electric and threatens to cut off electricity if payment is not made immediately.

Please be advised that the Middle Tennessee Electric does not contact customers by phone for payments.

Wednesday a Woodbury business owner was contacted by phone concerning his electric bill. The caller told him his monthly payment and his electricity would be turned off if he didn't pay. The business owner, wisely turned down the caller and reported the theft attempt to authorities.

Middle Tennessee Electric never contacts customers by phone for payment. All billing statements and correspondence are done by mail. If you have questions regarding your utility account, please contact Customer Service directly at (877) 777-9020.

If you have been a victim of this crime, please report it to the Woodbury Police Department at 615-563-5940 or the Cannon County Sheriff's Department at 615-563-1000.