Local Advertising Agency Speaks Out

Local Advertising Agency Speaks Out

Kristy Stoker
MURFREESBORO – Stoker Advertising offers competitive rates on creative services and media buys; talks about the power of print; encourages businesses to take advantage of lower rates.

Stoker Advertising is offering competitive rates for creative services and media buys. As a result of long-standing, solid relationships with local and regional newspapers, the Agency is able to offer lower rates for print, inserts and online, some as low as 50% off.

“Due to exceptional graphic artists, we have a quicker turn-around on creative hours spent on the ads, saving the customer money. One client filled all 3 medical locations with patients, and now has a waiting list due to a month-long print and online media buy,” said Kristy Stoker, Owner, Stoker Advertising.

The Agency focuses on simplicity combined with action.

“Advertising can be complex and overwhelming for some businesses. Because of knowledge, diligence and resources, we simplify all options, present the suggested plan and execute the media buys. This allows the customer to run their own business with confidence and ultimately reap the benefits of effective advertising,” Stoker said.

“Now really is the time to take advantage of lower rates. Action is the magic word,” added Stoker.

Stoker Advertising is a full service advertising agency located in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. The agency offers extensive advertising and marketing services including  print, web, radio, television, billing management and public relations.

If you would like more information, please call 615-427-8034 or e-mail: kstoker@stokeradvertising.com