Library System Still Offering Free Replacement Cards

Adams Memorial Library and Auburntown Branch Library are continuing to offer a free replacement card to any patron who has lost his or her card until February 14, 2010.

The librarians are trying to get library cards into the hands of as many patrons as possible. The campaign is moving slowly forward.

The libraries began with 4006 registered borrowers and as of January 7, 2010, there are 4070 registered borrowers.

Please encourage everyone you know to come in and get a card! All you need is a current ID or piece of mail that shows you current address.

The library has lots to offer besides books. There are tax forms, computers for public use, audio books on both CD and cassette, DVDs, and more.

Come to either library to get your free Cannon County Library System magnet.

Adams Memorial Library has also expanded the size of the books for sale area. Come in and do some shopping!