LETTER: Route 70S decision is critical

To the Editor:

A couple of weeks ago, 12/12/12 to be exact, the Courier's front page headlined two articles on the new highway 70S route.  When read together they clearly spelled out the issues at stake and the time-frame we Cannon County residents have as a community to make our decision.

When we came here twenty-five years ago a large part of the attraction was the very special quality of life Cannon County offered.  Over the years the quality of life here has changed.  I'm sure the John Bragg Highway has played a major roll in the county's population growth and industry changes.  Now we must confront a critical decision concerning the route of 70S through Woodbury.  Any decision that will impact all of our lives needs to be made with the whole county involved in that process.  Our elected officials lead by State Representative Mark Pody clearly outlined the issues, the choices, the budgeting process and our decision's time-frame.

We, the residents of Cannon County, have a God-given right and responsibility to be involved in determining the quality of our future.  Alternatively, we can just sit back, maybe grumble, complain and let the short-sighted with their excessive sense of self make choices affecting us all.  If we fail to become involved in this decision we fail our community and we fail our children's children.  I believe none of us want that.

I suggest that the task of exploring the projected impact of our choices be assigned to the Industrial Development Board.  It is clear that whichever route through Woodbury is selected, the county's industrial development and tax revenues will be impacted.  The Industrial Development Board could be an organizing, informing and coordinating force to guide our decision-making effort.

John Hackett
Readyville, TN