Letter: Make a difference April 22

To The Editor:

As a citizen of Cannon County for almost 44 years, by now as you probably know, I love where I live! I realized many years ago, two of our greatest assets are its people and its beauty. One reason I felt compelled to write this letter, is the litter that blights our city and countryside.

We need to show our Cannon Pride to our visitors by keeping our county clean, and well-kept. In doing so, it is a reflection of our love to them for the place we call home.

April 22, has been designated as "MAKE A DIFFERENCE DAY" in our Nation. I am asking every household, school, church, business, city & county employee and anyone else who may be interested in this worthwhile task to make this a habit by helping to keep our county clean.

I apologize for this short notice, but it is never to late to start with this effort. Next year we will plan for a more organized effort and hope to see some great results come from it.

I love our county and I am proud to be a citizen of it. Let's show our CANNON PRIDE with a great effort from everyone.

Richie Hunter

Citizen and County Commissioner 5th District