Learning About Elections

Learning About Elections

Joshua Studd assists Dorinda Mankin in sending out notices to poll workers at the Cannon County Election Office Tuesday.
The Cannon County Election Office had a "little" help Tuesday morning getting ready for the Nov. 2 election.

Six-and-a-half year old Joshua Studd spent a few hours helping Assistant Administrator of Elections Dorinda Mankin send out notices to election workers about plans for the upcoming election.

Joshua is the son of Matt and Nancy Studd of Woodbury. He is homeschooled and is currently studying the Tennessee Blue Book, which contains information about the makeup and history of state government.

"It's the rule book for the state," Joshua said when asked about the Blue Book.

Joshua's father Matt is a Cannon County Election Commissioner.

"Joshua has been studying about elections as part of the Government Class in school and this (helping at the election office) is part of his training," Administrator of Elections Stan Dobson said.