Lawsuit claims sexual harassment at EMS

Two emergency medical services workers have filed suit against Cannon County, claiming sexual harassment by their supervisors at Cannon County Emergency Medical Services.

Diane Mooneyham and Crystal Mason filed a lawsuit in Circuit Court for what they call 'hostile working conditions.'

The suit claims male supervisors explicit sexual comments to the women and touched them inappropriately on a number of occasions.

Mooneyham was a critical care paramedic at the EMS from 1999 until March 11, 2017 when she resigned. Mason is still employed at the ambulance service as an advanced emergency medical technician.

Cannon County Attorney Michael Corley said county government really hasn't time to digest the allegations made in the complaint.

Both women are suing for damages, pay, loss of benefits and suffering. The suit was filed by Murfreesboro attorneys Terry Fann and Benjamin Parsley III.

The lawsuit states there is no human resources department for Cannon County employees and no county-wide policies for them to follow.

EMS's Policy Manual does contain harassment and sexual harassment policies. However, the lawsuit claims EMS Director Richard Cope participated in the harassment of both women.

"The workplace at the Cannon County Emergency Medical Service ... was so permeated with ridicule, intimidation, insult, embarrassment, humiliation and sexual comments and statements that it unreasonably interfered with the plaintiffs' work environment and created a hostile work environment for the females," the lawsuit said.