Large Pot Growing Operation Goes Up In Smoke

Large Pot Growing Operation Goes Up In Smoke

Participating in the discovery and destruction of a local pot growing operation Saturday were, from left, Deputy Eric Moss, Sgt. Randy Neal, Deputy Brandon Gullett, Investigator Anthony Young and Jail Administrator Ed Brown.

The Cannon County Sheriff’s Department discovered and destroyed a nearly quarter-million dollar marijuana growing operation Saturday.

Two residents of Payton Lane, off of Short Mountain Highway, were taken into custody and were being questioned at the sheriff’s department Saturday evening.

The Cannon Courier will publish the names of the alleged pot growers after formal charges are placed against them. The investigation continues and it is possible additional arrests could be made.

Deputy Brandon Gullett initiated the discovery of the marijuana growing operation Saturday while investigating the reported theft of a tractor.

While in the process of locating a person he was going to interview, Deputy Gullett observed a large black flower pot with three green plants growing out of it.

“I stopped to take a better look at the green plants and observed them to be marijuana,” Deputy Gullett said. “I then made contact with the resident of the trailer. Upon talking to him he denied having any marijuana plants.

“We then walked from his residence to the black pot which had three marijuana plants growing in it. While I was talking to (the resident) Sheriff Darrell Young arrived at the location. We observed a trail from the black pot going into the woods. We followed the trail and observed multiple marijuana plants growing in the ground and in flower pots,” Deputy Gullett said.

A total of 228 marijuana plants were discovered at three different addresses. Their street value is estimated at $228,000. The plants were taken to the sheriff’s department and burned.

Assisting in the investigation and harvesting of the plants were Investigator Anthony Young, Sgt. Randy Neal, Deputy Eric Moss and Jail Administrator Ed Brown.

Investigator Mike Cawthon and Investigator Young were interviewing the suspects Saturday after they were read their Miranda rights.