Judge Melton To Convene Court Tuesday

The docket for Cannon County General Sessions Court for Tuesday, Aug.29, 2012, is as follows:

Abul K. Alataby – Driving Under The Influence (two counts), Driving On Suspended License, Implied Consent Law.

Kenneth Franklin Anderson, Jr. – Initiating The Process To Manufacture Methamphetamine.

Ricky Lee Bain – DUI 4th Offense, Driving While License Revoked 2nd Offense.

Steven J. Ballard – Driving On Suspended License 3rd Offense, Criminal Impersonation.

Kenneth Dee Barrett – Motion To Waive Costs/Fines/Fees.

Ronald Glenn Bedwell, Jr. – Violation Of Probation (two counts).

Holly Rashey Belcher – Driving On Suspended License 1st Offense, Violation Of Probation.

William Spencer Bennett – Driving On Revoked License.

Glenn Lawrence Brannan – Aggravated Assault.

Cody Blake Brown – Violation Of Probation.

Charles Lindon Chastain – Driving On Suspended License.

Thor L. Coleman – Theft Over $500.

Curtis Daniels – Violations Of The Driver’s License, Registration and Financial Responsibility laws.

Erica Danielle Cunningham – Payment Of Costs Review. 

William H. Drake, Jr. – Violation Of Probation (two counts).

Anthony Quinn Epperson, Jr. – Violation Of Probation. 

Pamela M. Florida – Violation Of Probation.

Roy Michael Foust – Violation Of Probation (three counts).

Thomas David Genovese – Speeding (68/55).

Troy Dale Gibson – Violation Of Probation (two counts).

Benjamin Alan Greer – Giving False Statements.

Scotty Glenn Grizzle – Promotion Of Manufacture Of Methamphetamine, Conspiracy To Promote Methamphetamine Manufacture, Criminal Trespass, Driving On Suspended License (2nd Offense and 5th Offense), Violation Of Probation (two counts), Speeding (64/55), Violations Of The Seatbelt, Insurance and Registration laws. 

Gretchen Lee Hall – Payment Of Costs Review.

Julia Hazard – Aggravated Assault.

Laura A. Hedgepath – Violation Of Probation.

Royce Channing Hettish – No Motorcycle License.

Comas Brian Higgins, Jr. – Violation Of Probation. 

Eric J. Hill – Violation Of Probation.

Jason Lee Hodge – Violation Of Probation. (two counts). 

Lillian F. Jernigan – DUI By Consent.

Michael Keith Jones – Financial Responsibility, Light Law. 

James Ronald Kersey – Speeding (70/55).

Mandi Jo Matthews – DUI, Possession Of A Legend Drug, Violations Of The Driver’s License, Seatbelt, and Due Care laws, False Reports.

Adam LeVoy McClure – Driving On Suspended License.

Bransen Chase McLaughlin – Driving On Suspended License, Filing A False Report.

George Owen Mears – DUI, Facilitation Of The Manufacture Of Methamphetamine, Maintaining A Dwelling To Keep/Use/Sell A Controlled Substance.

Timothy Mears – Initiating The Process To Manufacture Methamphetamine.

Timothy Daniel Meeks – Violation Of Probation (four counts).

Eve Grizzle Moore – Facilitation Of The Manufacture Of Methamphetamine, Maintaining A Dwelling To Keep/Use/Sell A Controlled Substance.

Giovanni Morales – Driving Without A License (two counts).

Jose D. Gutierrez Naredo – Driving Without A License.

Michael Myrlin Osborne – Driving On Suspended License, Expired Registration.

Steven Lee Otto – Speeding (68/55). 

Thomas Edwards Pendergrast – Financial Responsibility, Child Restraint.

Juan D. Carillo Perez – 18-20 Possession/Consumption Law.

Holly C. Phillips – DUI 1st.

Radolfo Lejama Rodriguez – Driving While License Suspended.

Terry James Rosenbaum – Driving On Suspended License.

Ashley Dawn Rowland – Speeding (68/55).

Michael Joe Sanders – Driving On Revoked License 3rd Offense.

Troy Ervin Sheffield– Driving While License Suspended.

Cartherine Marie Sherrell – Violation Of Probation. 

Joseph Matthew Starnes – Violation Of Probation (two counts).

Lara Stevens – Driving Without A License, Speeding (70/55).

Joshua Ryan Stevenson – Speeding (70/55), Financial Responsibility.

Shawn Michael Stout – Speeding (70/55). 

Scott D. Street– Light Law.

Brittney Faye Tenpenny – Violation Of Probation. 

Lisa Michelle Toombs – Aggravated Burglary, Theft Over $1,000.

James L. Turner – Domestic Assault.

Amanda Leigh VanWinkle – Speeding (70/55), Child Restraint.

John David Wallace, Jr. – Violation Of Probation. 

Robert C. Williams – Violation Of Probation.

Patricia Joyce Wilson – Speeding (70/55), Financial Responsibility, Seatbelt Law. 

William Keith Wilson – Violation Of Probation (two counts).

Robert Michael Wimberly – Speeding (70/55), Driver’s License Violation. 

Cecil C. Woodard – Violation Of Probation.