How to get to Short Mountain Distillery

How to get to Short Mountain Distillery | Short Mountain Distillery

"How do you get to Short Mountain Distillery?"

That is a question we receive at the Courier office with increasing frequency.

We give them the scenic route that misses highway construction on U.S. 70s. This way is also marked with distillery signs.

If you are leaving the Courier office at 210 W. Water Street, travel east a 10th of a mile and take the first right onto North McCrary Street. (Turn at Woodbury City Hall.)

Take the first left onto US-70S and go 1.4 miles.

Turn left onto TN-53N (Gassaway Road) (It's just past the new Veteran's Bridge.)

Turn right onto Stones River Road. (It's a nice, twisty road and about 5.7 miles long). There's a distillery sign.

Turn left onto TN-146 (Short Mountain Road) and go about 2.2 miles.

Turn right onto Mountain Spirits Lane and there you are.

Short Mountain Distillery

119 Mountain Spirits Lane, Woodbury, TN 37190