Hayes dedicated to Rescue Squad


Adam Hayes joined the Cannon County Rescue Squad on August 8, 1993. In just a few days he will celebrate 21 years of volunteer service to Cannon County.

Like many of our senior responders, Adam joined the Rescue Squad shortly after graduating high school. Over the years, Adam has served in various positions within the organization including Sargent-At-Arms (maintenance director) and First Lieutenant. In his position as First Lieutenant/Senior Vice President, he serves as Chairman of the Membership Committee.

Adam has been an officer for 20 years and he is also a Level-One Instructor with the Tennessee Association of Rescue Squads. Along with his volunteer service to the Rescue Squad, Adam has been a volunteer firefighter with the Mooretown Fire Department for 21 years as well.

Adam is exceptionally skilled in vehicle extrication. In his public work, he is licensed as a commercial driver (CDL). Having his CDL, along with his work history in the farming industry, makes Adam a valued member or our team.
We would like to thank Adam Hayes for his many years of dedicated service to the citizens of Cannon County. We especially want to thank him for his service and leadership to the Cannon County Rescue Squad.

For more information on becoming a volunteer responder with the Cannon County Rescue Squad, Inc., check out our website at www.CannonCountyRescue.com and contact Michael Underhill, CEO, at 615-904-5002 or by email at MUnderhill@CannonCountyRescue.com.