Grateful To Loux Investigations And Cannon Co. Domestic Violence Task Force


Due to the privacy of the family members involved and the nature of recent events, I want to remain anonymous. I would like to show my appreciation for everyone involved in locating an underage missing child.

Approximately one month ago I reached out to Loux Investigations for assistance in helping my family locate our missing, underage, female family member.

Due to the networking of Loux Investigations in association with the Cannon Co. Domestic Violence Task Force, Franklin Co. Sheriff's Department and the Tullahoma Police Department, our family member was reuinited with her family.

Although I am uncertain of the punishment of the nearly 30 year-old man who abducted her, I am wholeheartedly grateful for the help of all involved!

Thank you for your prompt and thorough action on a situation that could have had a worse outcome if not for all involved.